Introduction: Penguin Origami

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Hello~ everyone this is my 3rd Instructable and I hope you guys like it.

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need piece of paper (your favourite color)
2.and your hand.

Step 2: The Beginning

Picture of The Beginning

1.fold your paper ito a triangle then open it up again
2.fold your paper into a kite
3.turn it over then fold the bottom flap up
Now here is your body

Step 3: The Wings

Picture of The Wings

1.turn your paper over again the flaps up
3.then fold one corner to the 1st line(the line thats farthest to the corner)then open it up then do the same on the other side fold the corners to the line that you just made (so the center line remains)
heres your wing

Step 4: The Head

Picture of The Head

1.fold the upper corner down(this will be you head) fold the paper in half
3.grab the head then pull it up.

Step 5: The End

Picture of The End

Tada~ enjoy


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Bio: I luuuuuuv art
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