Picture of Penguin Pajamas
Ever see March of the Penguins? Those crazy birds spend two months sitting around in -80 degree weather waiting for their eggs to hatch! Dressing yourself up like a giant polar-fleece penguin will not enable you to withstand such temperatures, but it will keep you pretty toasty at night! With the added bonus that you will look almost unbearably sexy in an outfit that is essentially a bag with sleeves and foot-holes. Think of it as a mitten (as opposed to a glove) for your whole body!


My aunt made me a set of pajamas roughly like these when I was a kid and, sitting in my freezing-cold apartment this winter, I remembered those amazing pajamas and determined to make myself a pair. My original “penguin pajamas” didn’t resemble a penguin at all, in fact they were made of a fabric with owls printed all over it. The name comes not from the appearance, but from the way that you have to walk while wearing these—like a penguin.


My roommate, who has a particular love for penguins of all kinds, was the inspiration for the actual black and white penguin pajamas. It’s up to you whether you want to make your own exactly as described in this instructable, or go for the simpler but almost equally amazing random fleece print look. There are some truly crazy prints available in polar fleece fabric. Why not go all out?


I’ve included a lot of steps here that an experienced sewer could probably easily ignore. he pattern is simple, as are the sewing techniques involved. Fleece fabric is not difficult to work with and the beauty of this garment is that it is quite forgiving—being so loosely fitted there is not a lot of customization necessary and any mistakes are easily fixed. Read only the parts in bold if you're in a hurry; parts in italics are optional extra steps to make your penguin pajamas even more awesome.
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mysterygirl99510 months ago

Love this idea

this is adorable!
you are adorable!
I must do this someday.
CameronSS5 years ago
I have a fuzzy thing in this same design from Cabela's, only in gray fleece. It's referred to among my family as either "the thneed" or "Cameron's penguin suit." I wish I had one that was as awesome-looking as this! (hint-hint to family members that sew).

Also: You must find yellow slippers.