Picture of Penguins on a Stick
Or should I call them "spoon penguins"? Anyway, they're cute as a button :)
I found a pack of wooden spoons at the supermarket, and they begged me to please buy and repurpose them... The oval shape was perfect for my current subject in my early music education course - penguins! So here's how I made them with the kids:

Step 1: You'll need

Picture of You'll need
  • wooden spoons
  • black drawing ink
  • white paper hole protectors
  • white ink or acrylic paint
  • felt scraps in yellow and black
  • white glue or small glue dots
  • scissors
  • damp rug
Crafty Man2 months ago

wow! done so simply.Really nice.

grannyjones9 months ago

--Maybe Whole Foods? --or you can order them online.

Where do you find the wooden spoons? I can't find them anywhere! They are soooo cute!
breumer3 years ago
So adorable!