Picture of Penny Bomb
This is a fun and easy little noise maker.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What's Needed:
Roll Caps
Duct tape

Step 2: Tape It!

Picture of Tape It!
Place a small piece of tape on the end of a roll cap strip and tape that onto the penny.

Step 3: Wrap It!

Picture of Wrap It!
Wrap the roll cap strip all around the penny to the point you can't see the penny anymore.

Step 4: Tape It Again!

Picture of Tape It Again!
Place another small piece of tape on the other end of the strip and stick it to the penny.

Step 5: Throw It!

Picture of Throw It!
Throw the penny on the ground hard. You may have to throw it a few times to pop it all.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Picture of Have Fun!
Have fun.
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mosessuccar38 months ago

nice touch i made one that blows up and spews fire

Nice one!
By the way, you deserve more subscribers. ^^