Penny Coaster: Make a Coaster for $.16!





Introduction: Penny Coaster: Make a Coaster for $.16!

Nice cup coasters can cost upwards of $100! Fortunately, there is a way to make a very nice coaster for less than $.20! This coaster is made of pennies (and hot glue) and is a great conversational centerpiece. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

16 Pennies

A Hot Glue Gun w/ Hot Glue Stick

Vinegar To Help Clean The Coins (optional)

Step 2: Arrange the Pennies

Arrange four pennies in a row. You can make all of them heads up or tails up. Just do whatever you like best. Run a strip of glue all along the backside of the coins, as shown. Repeat this step three more times.

Step 3: Gluing the Coaster

Place all four penny segments together, as shown. Finish gluing them together in the pattern shown above.

Step 4: Suggestions

The exposed hot glue on one side of the coaster can help it grip the surface on which it is set. Some people don't like this unfinished aspect of the project. You can fix this by reheating the glue with a heat gun and sticking pennies on the other side as well. Now sit down, and enjoy a nice cool (or warm) drink! Have fun explaining the project to those who ask. Enjoy!

Note: The coaster can hold a hot drink without the hot glue melting. The key to making this work is keeping the hot drink in a mug that you can safely touch without burning yourself.

Note: The price of the coaster may not be exactly $.16, depending on the price of hot glue where you live.



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    I did something like this for my kids' bus driver gift, but used metal washers instead of pennies. Use good craft glue that is freezer safe, and freeze the coasters before use to keep your drink cooler longer. I'm going to make some from different coins for Christmas this year.

    Very cute idea - I would place it on a cork bottom! My niece has just completely covered the stair steps in her house with pennies and grout. It looks amazing! Thank you for this idea.

    edit to my previous! meant "the heat from hot things placed on the coins" !

    What stops the coaster from bending when lifted? Would the glue be rigid enough to keep the coins flat even if held up by only one edge?

    And would putting hot drinks etc on the coins affect the table surface htat it's placed on? metal conducts heat: hot things on top would seep through to the underside?

    I'd thought of using the thin small squares of wood that came as padding when I bought some flatpack furniture. Something to give a solid back to the coaster, and alto to insulate the underside from whatever it's palced on.

    what a wast of pocket money I am only 8

    Making coasters out of literally any other material will cost more than 16 cents in materials. This is actually a very cheap price for a craft project. If you're not interested in making coasters, then yes, it's a waste of the pennies. But then making coasters out of anything would be a waste.

    pennies are only good for making holes in your pocket.

    Cannot buy anything for a penny.

    so... you wouldn't mind giving me all your pennies? they are annoying, yes, but if you were to save each penny you get... think about it. In just one year, I saved around 70€ in copper money! (I do however hate some specific waitress :)

    uhm, maybe glue them to a bit of felt to be less tacky, get it!

    Also it would look cooler.

    So...........all of the condensation that forms on the glass is just going to drip down in between the pennies and stain the table. Not too much of a coaster.