Step 10: I Hate Waiting

Picture of I Hate Waiting
And now: you wait.

Your epoxy should take about a day to set up, and two days to cure. Check the label of your epoxy, and go by that to be sure.

When it's fully cured, use a utility blade to cut/scrape off any excess epoxy drips from the bottom edges of your desk, and install it as you would any other surface.

And you're done!

Go show off your new desk to all your friends. Be sure to mention how much "cents" it makes to make a "change", etc. etc.
bmelton13 years ago
I will do this with pennies from the year my Wife and I were born.....1972.
Good luck. JK
How many pennies will you have to go through in order to get the amount you need? How big a surface are you going to cover? I'm just thinking it will be a challenge to get that many pennies of the same date. I'm not knocking the idea, because it's an unbeleivably cool twist on the instructable. Do you have a trick for getting all coins of a certain date?
Gorgeous and very creative! Well done.
Darla JZ3 years ago
Nice job!
And the wrap around edge on the front gives it such a dramatic look...very much worth the extra effort!
Thanks for sharing~
Very cool!
WYE_Lance3 years ago
Fun! You certainly deserve my vote for the furniture challenge - good luck!
action pig3 years ago
Very nice! Seems like it would be a good entry for the furniture challenge...