Penny Knife


Introduction: Penny Knife

Welcome back! I have just made a small knife out of a penny! It isn't good for much more than letter opening but it's still pretty cool! This may be illegal where you are though it isn't here cause Canada doesn't have penny's anymore. Let's get into it. I also made a video! I will make one for all my coming instructibles! So make sure to subscribe!

Step 1: Marking and Drilling

Glue all of the penny's together then mark three dots about where I did. Then drill with a 1/16 drill bit on those holes. Use a drill press but if you don't have one then you can use a normal drill bit the bit will probably break. Since mines broken I can't show the drilling.

Step 2: Cutting the Penny

Next you need to disconnect the penny's from each other once you have all the pennys apart you need to cut the middle one down the center so that one hole gets cut off. Remember what holes line up to each other

Step 3: Cut the Blade

You can cut the blade out of a shingle cutting razor blade. One of the curved ones cut it and grind down so that it fits into the half penny. Also grind the back so it's round and can fold.

Step 4: Add Pins

Then you can add copper wire as pins to hold it all together. Just push them in and cut them. Then hammer them down so they are flat.

Step 5: Done!!!

Sorry that this isn't like my usual ones guys.



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if you add a jump ring, it would look nice as a pendant.

I made an instructable exactly like this one about a month ago. Did you find Miller Knives tutorial, too?

I am not sure if it's legal to destroy our pennies

Hmmm no pennies. I will check with the federal reserve where I live.

Coin cutting is not illegal in USA, only defacing for the intent of fraud to change the value of a bill, such as adding a zero onto a one dollar bill to change the apparent value for fraud.

Coin art is legal, you do own it completely and it's yours to do with as you will.

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