Penny the Peacock


Introduction: Penny the Peacock

 I decided to make "penny" to use up spare balls of yarn from old projects past. I looked at the colors i had and they were the perfect combo to make a peacock. I didnt have a pattern to go off of, just a little adding and subtracting as i went along, and penny came out sassy and cute.
Shes only about 7" tall, and her tail is about 9" wide when its spread out.
Now I know in the wild kingdom, peacocks with the most colorful tails are male, But i dont really care, She is feminine and pretty with her bright green, teal, and purple colors!
Amigurumi is the perfect way to use up all those little bits left from a skein, so I start to make some strange things when the basket of little yarn balls is about to over flow.



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    Do you sell them? My daughter and I have a running joke about peacocks and I'd LOVE to give her one of yours for Christmas!
    Great job! He's somehow very regal and silly, at the same time.

    i'm new to this website so i don't really know what's going on. but i LOVE your peacock design and would like to make one also. is your pattern avaliable? thank you:]

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    Welcome to instructables! I love this place because you get to see detailed instructions on how to make all kinds of things! Not to disparage these entries that are show and tell types, they are always nice to look at. I second your comments though - very cute design!

    Pretty peacock!