Penspinning : Thumbaround





Introduction: Penspinning : Thumbaround

The simplest trick...The pen spins around the thumb


Step 1: Find the Center of the Gravity

The center of the gravity can be found easily...just by balancing the pen on a finger

Its Very good if the CoG (center Of Gravity) is in the same place as the CoP (Center Of Pen)

Step 2: Holding the Pen Right Way

Watch The Picture!!!

Step 3: The Spin!!!

Ive written numbers in the notes
EXAMPLE : IndexFinger :1 somewhere else on the hand 1
that means your gonna move your Index Finger to that place
hope you get it xD

Step 4: TRAINING!!!


EVER be able to perform this trick without training!
i think ive written all the important!

NOTE : This took me a week to learn (and 2-3 months later i never drop the pen! :D)



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    This hot receptionist at my old boxing/MMA gym showed me this. I worked on it for about half a year and I'm pretty good now. I just randomly go it in class. Cool instructable!

    I bought them at a long time ago (I didnt know how easy it was to mod them myself )

    I've been practicing for 20 min and I can almost do it. Although, maybe solving a Rubik's Cube in under a min is a factor :)

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    I told this one Asian kid in my calc class, because the was flipping it back in forth... Two days later (A day, B day) he came into the class took the test that was that day, and during the test, i noticed and yelled WTF (actual wording of course) and the teacher was like WTF and I said I was sorry and sat down, after the test I asked him how he learned it... he said Instructables... I know offically hate Andy (not really hes a good friend) but it was funny, it took him 20mins to do what I STILL CANT DO!!!!! Great inst. by the way, even though I still cant do it...

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    I've been trying to figure out how to do this since 95, and I still can't do even after view several instructions. Stoopid fingers!