Introduction: Pentagonal-Dual-Antiprism Lampshade

Picture of Pentagonal-Dual-Antiprism Lampshade

Today I'll show you how to fold this lampshade. It consists of 2 stacked pentagonal antiprisms. The folding process is very similar to the pentagon fold that I showed before.

Step 1: What You Need:

-homeprinter, pdf-reader
-scissors or cutter
-basic folding skills
-the crease pattern, attached below (red - valley fold, blue - mountain fold, black - cut off)

Step 2: Folding Instructions

Picture of Folding Instructions

Above the dotted line is the glueing area. (overlaps 1/2 of the rhomboid column) 
-precrease and prefold the pattern
-glue the two ends and form it to a ring.
-fold and tuck like shown at the beginning of the 3rd picture and repeat it 4 times
-repeat the last step(s) for the bottom and you are finished

Good Luck!


artworker (author)2013-01-23

WOW! Very beautiful! will make!

sphere360 (author)artworker2013-01-24

Thanks, you are welcome!

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