Picture of Pepakura - Convert PDO to PDF

This tutorial will show you how to create PDF files out of your PDO using Pepakura Viewer !
You should now What-is-Pepakura-and-how-to-start and  How-to-use-Pepakura-Viewer

Lots of people were asking me about this tutorial separately.
It seems to be an issue that they cannot solve so easily.

Hope this helps you.

Updated: 2013/01/11 ... 2 hours of work so far :)
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Step 1: Video on Youtube (HD 720p)

In case you prefer video to reading. I made this tutorial on my channel as well:

Step 2: Get a file to work with !

Picture of Get a file to work with !
Pepakura offers some basic shapes which you can download and try out:


Go to Download Page and see section "Download Geometric Models (Free)".
Scroll down where you can get shapes like CUBE:
Download [cube.pdo] (4 kB)

Step 3: How to do it !

So you have this program with .PDO files on your drive and you want to print.
What now ?

A.] You can print it at home if you have printer, directly from Pepakura software.
B.] In case you do not have printer = you need .PDF to print it elsewhere.

Here you will learn how to convert .PDO to .PDF file !

1.] Install Adobe Reader to be able to open PDF files.
2.] Go to:

There you can download CutePDF and GPL Ghostscript both which you need to convert files.
CutePDF will be added into your printer settings and Ghostscript does some magic allowing it :)

1.] When you want to convert .PDO to .PDF all you need to do is PRINT as you usually would.
2.] Select CutePDF, print it = the proccess is fake so no printer needed !
3.] It asks you where to save .PDF converted file and that is all ladies and gentlemen ;)

Look at screenshots in this step !

Step 4: What next ?

Picture of What next ?
shawn961 year ago
hey krsiak i installed paperkura viewer and designer but when i open paperkura viewer the screen stays black
krsiak (author)  shawn961 year ago

this is hard question to answer what can be the issue.

I ran in past Windows 7 and now I use Windows 8. Both were 64bit system and it worked fine for me everytime. Try to install updates and check if your network is not blocked. There may be some request from the programme trying to get online but to be honest why the screen is black I have no idea.
shawn96 krsiak1 year ago
thank you for the help