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Hey,I make lots of things, out of allsorts of materials,but recently ive done a few helmets,I've done a few at different skill levels and I thought I'd share a few of the pepakura lids I've made over the last year, people have been asking about what ones I've made and should make so I thought I'd just show you, this isn't an instructable on how to make them, but it does help you see the steps and what goes into making a pep file, and for me, it's nice to see them all together and I can clear out half of my phone camera roll for memory space too!

Step 1: Boba Fett

Picture of Boba Fett

This was my first one I think, it's not fibreglassed as I didn't really know what I was doing, the cards 4mm think, and doubled up everywhere to make it 8mm, the dome top is a pro-tec helmet for skating or biking etc, I don't think I used any bondo too, it's all card and sanding and gluing and paint,

Step 2: Stormtrooper

Picture of Stormtrooper

This was the first proper pepakura file, fully done and fibreglassed, then bondo'd and sanded and everything that's kinda related to making a pep helmet, it's a bit rough round the edges, there's a lot more work to do on it but I just haven't had the time, I will one day!

Step 3: Iron Man

Picture of Iron Man

This ones a work in progress, the pep is all done, and it's fibreglassed, but that's as far as I've taken it so far, I did this one in the coloured card just to see what it would come out like, I quite like it with all the lines and stuff showing, but it'll be bondo'd and worked on when I can be bothered,

Step 4: Halo Master Chief

Picture of Halo Master Chief

This ones again half way done, it needs the visor doing ( which I'm having trouble with) and there's LEDs to set into the sides, apart from that all the major pep work and glass and bondo and paint is done, it's clear coated and ready to be finished when I can.

Step 5: Skyrim Nord Helmet

Picture of Skyrim Nord Helmet

This ones all done, it's probably the best one so far, I got a good run at it, I seem to work quiet well when I get a good few hours at work at a time, I did this because I wanted to explore the metal paint work effects and the bone paint etc, I like it

Step 6: A.o.t Salem Mask

Picture of A.o.t Salem Mask

This was just a test really, I wanted to see what mirrored card would work like, and if I could get the pep really close that I could fibreglass the inside and leave the mirrored outside, it's ok but it's more an experiment than anything

Step 7: Lotr Sauron

Picture of Lotr Sauron

This is still just card, it's my next ( big/hard) one I want to do, it scares me because its so involved and bad ass! I'm looking forward to it, and dreading it at the same time! Haha,

Step 8: Sauron

Picture of Sauron

Finished the sauron helm,

Step 9: Nord Helm #2

Picture of Nord Helm #2

Then my friend wanted a nord lid, so did that

Step 10: Star Wars Scout Trooper

Picture of Star Wars Scout Trooper

This is pepakura scout trooper lid, just at the the pep stage, it's to cold In my garage to fiberglass at the mo, so it'll have to wait to be worked on more

Step 11: Deadric Helm

Picture of Deadric Helm

I finished this one, even though half way I knew it was gonna be to small, I wanted to use the horns and bits for another project

Step 12: Medievil Boba Fett #1

Picture of Medievil Boba Fett #1

So the deadric was to small, so I was going to use the horns for a medievil fett lid I wanted to make, as it turned out I never used them, they might come in handy for something in the future

Step 13: Medievil Boba Fett Lid Finished

Picture of Medievil Boba Fett Lid Finished

Having done a load of skyrim and Star Wars stuff I wanted to do a mash up and see what happened, this is what I came up with, a medievil boba fett lid, it's kinda odd but I like it

Step 14: So Yeah

Picture of So Yeah

So yeah that's pretty much most of the pep helmets I've done, there's some that are in the bin that didn't work, there's some that I messed up in glass or bondo, or the paint is terrible and it got binned, the point is, try it, if you enjoy it, good for you! Keep it up! It doesn't matter how good you are,it's all part of the fun! Enjoy!

Edit : so that's a few more I've been working on while it's to cold outside to be messing about in my workshop ( tiny garage with a small bench! Lol) I'm hope when the weather turns I can get out there and start to get some of these and other projects finished, for now I'm on with a brotherhood of steel fallout pep, should be an interesting build, part pepakura, part found object and scavaged parts, anyways happy holidays to you all, thanks to instructables for such a wonderful platform to show our works and happy building!


RonKemp (author)2016-01-05

Just payed 35$ so I could download this and you dont even have an frackin link or file to download WTF.

Gunter187 (author)2015-07-23


ChuckG1 (author)2015-04-02

This would be a really great Instructable if it included any instructions.

matson23 (author)ChuckG12015-04-02

Check out my other instructables for instructions, this is just a collection of what could be made with the techniques show in the other instructables

Electronics_Geek (author)2014-11-28

Hi Matson23,

Do you happen to have the link to download the pepakura for the Star Wars Scout Trooper?


I think it's on here, but again I'm not 100% sure, if not just Google scout trooper pepakura and it should be easy to find.

Lilyp1 (author)2014-12-21

Could you please add a link to the files for this?

matson23 (author)Lilyp12014-12-21

I think this is the link I got it from. I'm not 100% sure but if you Google skyrim-pepakura-files there very easy to find

eduardo.cuevasmayren (author)2014-12-13

hello friend u can not give hull page

HarryF-18 (author)2014-03-05

Dude u need fiberglass resin bondo and prima on that ironman mask

epoveda (author)2014-02-15

links ?

Darkone99 (author)2014-01-31

kmclaughlin3: if your wanting master chief. Go to google and type in master chief pepakura files. Someone was nice enough to place all the halo file in one spot. It would be the wiki page.

kmclaughlin3 (author)2014-01-27

Where do you get your Pepakura plans at?

matson23 (author)kmclaughlin32014-01-27

mostly I google what im wanting to make then dig about for a while till I find something, mostly has loads, also and but theres loads of others too, you just gotta dig dude!

Darkone99 (author)2014-01-26

Thanks again. What size did you make your master chief helmet? Just for further references.

matson23 (author)Darkone992014-01-26

No problem, the chief helmet was printed as standard size( what the file came as) but if I where you I'd take it down 10% because it was a little on the large size too, or maybe I've just got a small head haha

Darkone99 (author)2014-01-24

The Daedric helmet is 462mm in height.

matson23 (author)Darkone992014-01-25

Cool thanks man, I think I had mine at 38cm (380mm) so I was way off, when I get time I might start that one again! Yours is looking great mate!

Darkone99 (author)2014-01-24

When I get home I'll update you on what size I used for the Daedric. Thanks on the de. Doom comment. Here is what I have done for Daedric with shredder forearms. With the dr. Doom helmet a my head.

matson23 (author)Darkone992014-01-24

Amazing! That looks fantastic mate! My god your gonna need buckets of fiberglass and bondo! Haha really looking forward to seeing this masterpiece come together! Well done! :)

matson23 (author)2013-12-13

Darkone99, here's my deadric, to small like I said but I might do it again, what size did you make yours in the end please?

matson23 (author)2013-12-13

Darkone99, Hello, I've just done the deadric lid too, but I didn't resize the pepakura so it's to small, so be careful on that! It didn't get to paint but The deadric has black kinda textured horns, for the nord helmet I used just white normal paint, think I used a chestnut wood varnish for wood, dry brushed it on then clear spray varnish, I do most of my stuff on the cheap so in sure there's a better way but that worked for me, hope that helps, the boom mask looks awesome by the way!

Darkone99 (author)2013-12-13

I've been working on Daedric armor. What kind of paint did you use for the horns of the Skyrim Nordic helmet? I have it sitting on a unfinished Dr.doom. But that is where and what I'm working on

ihearmoosepeople (author)2013-09-01

This may sound silly, but is it safe to wear the masks? I am planning in making one, but I'm unsure about it because it's made of materials that are not supposed to be inhaled.

taria (author)ihearmoosepeople2013-10-05

there is a guy on facebook that does this and uses paper mache to cover them with, the masks come out awesome. It takes a little more time and some more bending once the paper is added, but they do work and they do look good.

Hiya, yeah it's not good inhaling fibreglass and stuff, but if you leave it dry, by the time you've bondo'd and painted and stuff, line the insides with foam you'll be fine! Good luck! I look forward to seeing your make dude!

jpineda6 (author)2013-09-29

Dude what about the files

jpineda6 (author)2013-09-29

dude what about the files

ihearmoosepeople (author)2013-09-01

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

poofrabbit (author)2013-08-25

This is great! I'm new to the pepakura art, I just made a mask using another instructable, I am fascinated by the idea of using fiber glass and bondo, nervous, but fascinated.

hprince1 (author)2013-08-25

Hey mate! What exactly is Pep & bondo etc ???

matson23 (author)hprince12013-08-25

Hey, pep is short for pepakura, it's the form of using paper or card to make something, kinda like origami but you can cut and glue and stuff instead of it all being one piece folded,
Bondo is the the stuff you use to fill holes and rust bits on your car, i use it like modelling clay, then sand it smooth.

lgarza3 (author)2013-08-25

very cool

lgarza3 (author)2013-08-25

very cool

drs541 (author)2013-08-25

Nice ! Can't wait for the Sauron one .. Good job mate

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