Picture of Pepakura Rocketeer Helmet
This is my first experience with Pepakura, and I wanted to build a Rocketeer Helmet.

I have the pepakura file on my website: monksvoice.com/Rocketeer

So, I downloaded Pepakura and ran it on Virtual Box on my Mac.  The helmet file is easy enough to find.  I didn't do any modifications to the file itself, I just printed it out on some matte paper and started cutting pieces out.

Here's a list of materials:

matte paper or any heavy stock
razor knife and scissors
super glue
fiberglass and resin
palm sander
detail sander
foam core
Magic Sculpt
Gold Rub and Buff
1/8" tinted acrylic
E6000 glue
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Step 1:

Picture of
Lots of pieces!  This was actually kid of fun. I carefully cut out each piece and attempted to keep the numbers together, so I wouldn't have to go searching for them later.

That was wishful thinking.  Searching for the attaching number and tab was a puzzle!  I used superglue to bond the paper together.

Step 2:

Picture of
It slowly begins to take shape!

Step 3:

Picture of
And here it is!  All it is so far is superglue and paper.  The air vents on the top took some figuring out, but with enough tape and glue, they held and were symmetrical.

Step 4:

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So I mixed up a batch of resin to coat the outside and inside to give it some rigidity. No fiberglass at this point.  Just let the resin soak into the paper and let it sit overnight.

Step 5:

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The next day, I mixed up more resin and added a layer of fiberglass to the inside of the helmet.  At this point, while you can still see the original paper lines, cut out the fiberglass to the paper and cut out the holes for the mouth.  Get them as clean and accurate as you can, because once you loose track of the holes in the paper... you're on your own.  (ask me how I know...)

Step 6:

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The Pepakura will print out the fin on the top, but it's a little flimsy, so I replicated it in 1/8" foam core and did the resin treatment to that as well.
trey.raimon5 months ago
Is there any possible way you can post a PDF file because I can't open the file on your site
monkeywork (author)  trey.raimon5 months ago


I just put a .pdf on my website at www.monksvoice.com/Rocketeer.

I'm not sure if there will be any scaling issues but give it a go!

gfoster48 months ago
Where can I get a copy of the pdf?
monkeywork (author)  gfoster45 months ago

I just put one on my server at www.monksvoice.com/Rocketeer

Good Luck!

Celt1 year ago

I have the PDO file for this one and more, but im not sure how to upload it. any suggestions?

do you have the files on hand? may be in a pdf form? i have no program to open them up, and of course i decide to do this a week before halloween
monkeywork (author)  annoyingfeatures1 year ago
I don't have the .pdf files unfortunately, only what I have on my server at www.monksvoice.com/Rocketeer which are the Pepakura files. I use virtual box on my Mac to run the software, and just haven't had time to R&D exporting the files as a .pdf

Drillbit2 years ago
If I may did you create the helmet file from scratch or did you pull it from a forum? If a forum could you pm me with it. I've been looking for this helmet for a long time.

Thank you
monkeywork (author)  Drillbit2 years ago
Sure thing!
jarikcbol2 years ago
Awesome 'Ible! I always loved the movie. Quick tip for future projects. Instead of using Bondo, which, as you said, stinks to high heaven, look at using a product called Durhams Water Putty. In projects like this, it will work just as well as Bondo, but does not have the awful smell.
monkeywork (author)  jarikcbol2 years ago
I'll look for that! I used Bondo, because that's what I had laying around. (I'm not cheap, I'm thrifty!) But I'll search it out!
PS1182 years ago
Wait. Rocketeer's helmet... Cap'n America's shield... lightsaber...
You, sir, are officially indestructible! :)

I love this!!!

One other option for the faux welding. I remember seeing in an issue of Woodsmith magazine where they made a fake metal clock out of wood. (Sorry, I can't find a pic online anywhere.) To get the welding look they just ran a bead of regular painters' caulk (don't smooth it, of course) and painted over it.
monkeywork (author)  PS1182 years ago
Right now I'm working on a District 9 inspired Nerf. My Halloween costume is going to be a hot mess.
sweeet man! nice job!
monkeywork (author)  craigferguson2 years ago
Thank you!
That looks amazing! Now I want to watch the movie again :)
monkeywork (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I recently re-watched it, it's a fun movie. Seeing the GeeBee airplane featured was nice too.
wwhitt2 years ago
Can you please elaborate more on this step I was confused reading it
monkeywork (author)  wwhitt2 years ago
Sure thing, with autobody filler, aka Bondo, you mix up a small batch, spread it over the helmet and let it harden. From there you sand it down to smooth it out. The goal is to fill in all the holes and smooth over all the bumps of the paper to create a smooth helmet verses one that has the angles of the paper.

It's time consuming, as you have to wait for everything to dry. If you don't wait and start sanding too soon, the filler will just load up the sandpaper and frustrate you. I move on to other projects, (like work!) and let it fully harden up before sanding.

This is where your sculpting skills come into play, creating a smooth surface from a faceted one.
jawasan2 years ago
very nice job, like the welds!