Picture of Pepper Grenade Canister/ Bomb
Make a simple but effective pepper or powder grenade out of a film canister and some cardboard and of course some CHEMICALS -HA HA HA HAAA!!!!!!!

Step 1: Equipment

Picture of Equipment
you will need:
1 Film canister or air tight container with a pop open lid.
1 Cardboard sheet (thin- Cereal box type)
1 Plastic sandwich bag
Some Vinegar
Some Bicarbonate of Soda (or Baking Soda)
Some Powder- flour, pepper, allspice....
Some Celotape or sticky tape
Some string

1 pair of scissors
2 Hands
1 Bomb site
bob88983 months ago

Ad where can i get/ how can i make an airtight container about that size??

bob88983 months ago

is it legeal i colorado?

jonoh4wk1 year ago

can you use the same canister multiple times?

Kryptonite6 years ago
Aww, that poor little wasp... How dare you frighten a harmless wasp!!! I'm calling animal cruelty agency! lol jks
What about PETA? (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
ilpug dla8885 years ago
or People Entertained by Torturing Animals
or People Enjoying Tasty Animals
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  ilpug4 years ago
Hahahaha! Can't believe I missed this.
Haha I work there!
bjb98 ilpug4 years ago
haha, lol
ToddisI ilpug5 years ago
A wasp is an insect, so neither idea will work. Ahhh well.
mo5 Kryptonite5 years ago
then it would be the PETI. ( people for the ethical treatment of insects)
bjb98 mo54 years ago
people entertained by torturing insects
Kryptonite mo55 years ago
Sounds like a type of soft drink.
[aTRi0X] dla8885 years ago
I believe that should be People Eating Tasty Animals.
Ouch! =)
Wasps aren't harmless. One stung me in the butt once for no good reason.
Ow, sounds nasty. A friend once got bitten by a European wasp, and he came up in this massive rash...
LOL I thought you said your friend bit the wasp!
Ha ha, good one, that would be truly weird....
I've been stung, they're extremely unlikely to going to sting without good reason.
Depends, some wasps will go after you if you make too much noise.
That's what I did.
Ouch. I feel sorry for you then.
I got stung for farting in the same room as it.
You're sure it could smell you?
well, at least the wasp had a sense of justice, i mean, you had just farted in the same room, was it just gonna let that go unpunished?
bjb98 ilpug4 years ago
your funny
2hot2hack bjb984 years ago
how did this thing about a bomb turn into a thing about a wasp??
You dont want to know where i got stung!!!
my brother "disturbed" a wasp nest by dropping it (it was in a bottle) on a rock, he got stung just about everywhere.

this is one of those comments that you don't need, and no one benefits from, but you write it down any way because of the previous strange comment that you don't happen to understand
LiftAndLove4 years ago
PETA is actually People Eating Tasty Animals Duuuhhhh
I saw it while workingg at my dads work
ToddisI5 years ago
LOL, can't find film canisters any more!
Perhaps you could try asking at a camera/ film development place, they may let you have some. It was at a shop who's name sounds like Kojak where I got empty disposable cameras which I then gave myself a big capacitor shock with - don't do that, probably not great for your heart.
Yeah... Your "Kojac" was actually "Kodak"
That certainly does sound like Kojak.
Pill bottles work too
It probably just boosted your heart rate and added an extra 10 years to your life. :D
Haha! Hopefully, actually that may be the cause of my occasional arrhythmia although I think most people might get that.
lol, thanks
theres my film canisters
Derek Vigil4 years ago
instead of shaking it you could just throw it
mederick4 years ago
thats da bombLOL
sexy Mario.jpg
bjb98 mederick4 years ago
xxxxX warning@cheesy alert! repeat,cheesy alert! Xxxxx
You a funneh guiy!
chamster4 years ago
whats the size limit on the container?
I don't know, but I would assume as long as it isn't a bucket and you have enough of the ingredients it should still work.
How big were you thinking of going?
the inside of a marker, though i think that's too small
A smaller pop but as long as you can get the chemicals to mix properly and build up enough pressure it should work.
rockgod574 years ago
Awesome I'm gonna try this right now
tomigm5 years ago
chemlizard5 years ago
This is great, worked very well. I was wondering though what the string on the outside is used for?
The string is there to prevent the lid from being blown away and being lost.
ok, yes that makes sense. Sorry about that.
sorchah8 years ago
You've got baking powder in the picture...that won't work.
i used baking powder and vinegar and it worked just fine
why? is it out of date?
what do you mean
Tombomom5 years ago
 wouldn't be cool if you put the bomb into like a grenade launcher or pneumatic gun
Tombomom5 years ago
 whats with the cat?
PJPEEJ5 years ago
 Throw the canister like a tomahawk. Then  you get the best distance with accuracy.
CaseBoy5 years ago
 should fill it will bbs.
twonkie125 years ago
me and my freind made three of these and we taped them together and well  they didnt stay together so we shook em up and three em into da air and made a black cloud of death.  :P  X)
you could also use a plastic from medicine
11richie215 years ago
do you feed ur cat?
pocholox85 years ago
GEEK15 years ago
tie it to a 90 degree stick. and shake it and aim it at someone like a gun!! you have to shake your gun before shooting. lol

Lol, Nice cat
knektek5 years ago
how about adding some food colouring? (to stain thier clothes!) xD
Darth-Vader5 years ago
you are crazy my friend. but that is awesome
Freakin awesome, I love how u dont need gunPowder :). Anyone try putting paint instaed of powder for paintball Gnades?
I think paint may be too heavy and viscous to work really well, better to try with watery ink or food colouring
maybe waterproof dyes will do, but it might put out the fuse.
hold on there.

it might, "put out" the fuse?

as I read, it doesn't seem there is any fire involved in this Instructable at all. Hopefully I have not misunderstood and made myself look like a total tosser.

I do like the idea of waterproof dyes or food colouring though...

I must make my own version of this with minor changes so I can take credit for your work! *muhahha* and what not. cheers.
You are an evil genius.
i dont think anyone else has tried but i think i will
ctknex10007 years ago
i shook it up and it almost broke my thumb
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, sorry to larf man but thats funny
assasin326 years ago
cats rock and i love explosions
well maybe he will conect it to the cat and the cat will be a suiside bomber!!!!!!
i love the way you think lol
osku6 years ago
baking powder + water is same than vinegar and baking soda but sheaper (sorry my bad english)
mnb6 years ago
pretty good just tryed it
zac 5001006 years ago
awesome grenade dude!
leey16 years ago
mean wasp. :(
good job dude the chemical reactions check out just fine and i see no reason it couldnt work, however i havent tried it yet.
Colonel886 years ago
To the list of items list : 1 bunch o' common sense :D
GEEK16 years ago
Is there a way to stop the vinegar/baking soda mixture from coming out after the grenade has detonated?
bomb6 years ago
it wasn't quite clear
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  bomb6 years ago
Shake it and turn it upside down to get the bicarbonate of soda out the bag and mix with the vinegar.
what happens if the chain reaction happens too soon, why don't you make a delay?
nice name!!!
PastTheVoid6 years ago
Is your cat a boy or a girl?
zako8 years ago
y the cat
TOMNDAN zako6 years ago
lol nice cat
zako TOMNDAN6 years ago
yea it is quite cute to be fair
nate-dog6 years ago
super cool
phazonlord6 years ago
This is awesome but you could have explained it a bit better
assasin326 years ago
thats pretty confusing get a better camera
muffinhead6 years ago
VERY nice work, the thing works perfectly, but is there a way to make the delay longer? I've made several bombs but I need a way to shake it and get some kind of distance before it goes off. Fantastic I'ble anyways! :D
longer string :D
Hmm, awesome. I'll try it with a friend. Does it work with a M&M's container?
It should do, although the vinegar may leak through the carboard.
you should do the same thing, but instead of vinigear, use drano, and instead of baking soda, use aluminum foil balls... it makes a big bang...
And put it in a childproof pill bottle...
instead use drano and put gas in the plastic bag. B CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(THROW IMMEADITLY OR YOU WILL LOOSE UR HAND AND MOST OF UR ARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
NO coz u can get arrested for that.
Cool, thanks. This is creative, thumbs up! Also, with a m&m container, would it be wise to hold the bottom of the tube and point it at the victim after shaking it, like a gun? I mean, the container is pretty long (3 3/4 inches long with an 1 inch diameter).
Protip: Baking powder includes the acid. Replace the vinegar with water.
Yep, in some cases that can have a reaction that occurs slightly faster with a high volume of gas.
mattias law6 years ago
if the bag is too confusing i came up with an idea. make a hole in the film cannister lid then put the string through the hole. keep the hole small though. then get the circle of cardboard that the baking soda sits on and put a hole in it that is off centre. then put the string coming out of the bottom of the cannister lid that you made and put it through that hole and tie it off at the end. then pour vinegar into the bottom, put cardboard on top of vinegar and put baking soda on top of that then close the cannister lid when you want to release it pull the string which will cause the cardboard to work like a valve. cardboard may not be the best though, something waterproof would be better hope this lengthy description helps
wh1tenegro6 years ago
ok man i dont get this, i look at ur pics and its 2 confusing... with the cut plastic bag make a cone thing, nxt time teach ppl how 2 make a sparkle bomb -_-
if the bag is too confusing i came up with an idea. make a hole in the film cannister lid then put the string through the hole. keep the hole small though. then get the circle of cardboard that the baking soda sits on and put a hole in it that is off centre. then put the string coming out of the bottom of the cannister lid that you made and put it through that hole and tie it off at the end. then pour vinegar into the bottom, put cardboard on top of vinegar and put baking soda on top of that then close the cannister lid when you want to release it pull the string which will cause the cardboard to work like a valve. cardboard may not be the best though, something waterproof would be better hope this lengthy description helps
Joseph16086 years ago
tell someone to shake it and put it down their shirt or pants or something vile and evil
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
hahhaa i told some people today that i had cat corpses hanging from my ceiling in trash bags. when i got home i filled 2 white trash bags with a stuffed animal in each and fake blood, and hung them from my ceiling. i took a picture on my phone and sent it to them hahaha yeah good times
yaa cats rule
imthereal6 years ago
if there is card board between the vinigar and the baking soda, how do they mix? or is it in beneath and above the cardboard so that it launches powder everywhere?
The vinegar and the bicarbonate of soda which is in the corner of the plastic bag go in. Then the cardboard circle is placed on top of them and finally you put the powder in on top of that.
ah i get it. thanks :)
dciocoiu6 years ago
what healthy human dose not have tow hands or an artificial hand?
monkeyBombs6 years ago
if your just taping the string tie the lid what is the string for?
the best thing to put in it is chilly powder or crushed red pepper. hurts like hell when it gets in your eyes.
I got a better idea.Confetti.Lots of it.
redeyes26096 years ago
that is cool and i tried it and it weorks
what the use of pepper??
\\_// ('_') (_)) //-\\ bunny man. OENIS!!
KyleKnex6 years ago
use a poland sping eco botlle and fill it half way with viniger and cut a bag in half put some bakin soda in that then put it in put on the cap and then shkae it till its hard then drop it and run!!
hobo joe7 years ago
mines didn't work it just shot wet pepper at every one. So I stuck pepper in a party popper. Man that hurt my eyes.
you're pure evil, aren't you.
probly he is(in a good way). i love shooting and thats why i do airsoft to shoot people. its fun
Mauwi7 years ago
I actually figured a way to have it so you pull a string and it sets it off like a trip mine kind of. What you do is have th string going through the bottom of the canister and u have it attached to a plastic/cardboard circle the size of the inside which is in the middle as a seperator. U attach the string to the left or the right of the circle. Then u but the baking soda on top and the vineagar on bottom. Pull the string and the circle tips releasing the powder in the vineagar. Bam. And to get the pepper to spray out you just add a piece of plastic on top of the baking soda and and put ur pepper, flour, spice, etc. on the plastic and put the lid on. Thats my version of the pepper grenade. I know it probably wasn't that clear. Maybe ill just make an instructable if its ok with you Loosewire.
Mauwi7 years ago
I was wondering How would you make it so if you attached like a string and pulled it then it would explode. Kind of like a trip mine. Got any ideas?
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  Mauwi7 years ago
I suppose you could rig it to fall over onto its side.
lilkiz957 years ago
mine didnt work at all it just made a poping sound
Sounds like your lid was not on properly, make sure you get a good seal.
Shagglepuff7 years ago
That was uncalled for
salbabob7 years ago
maybe you could use a glue stick by taking out the glue and putting the bicarbonate in the little moving box and the vinegar in the bottom of the stick, then you could lower the baking soda in to the vinegar and start the reaction that way.
Yes,as long as the seal between the outer and inner tubes is air-tight.
salbabob7 years ago
salbabob7 years ago
this is pretty cool. awesome!
naruto 7777 years ago
ill probably set this up with trip wire behind my door because me and my younger brother share a room and he leaves his very stinky clothes around so when it goes off it will spray him, ill be stuck cleaning the mess and probably be grounded for a while...
naruto 7777 years ago
i need to find a film canister thing, ive got one for my exacto knife but the canister has a hole in the top
cannadakid7 years ago
you could put this outside of a door attach a trip string to it. They tip it over and it explodes shortly while they are close. gets them every time
fib3roptix7 years ago
I took one to school...
*sobs* i know what your thinkin
TheDunkis7 years ago
lol Now you just have to tell your friends you invented some sort of awesome new drink of some sort and slap two labels on it- Whatever you wish to name it and shake well before using... I'll probably try this with a pop bottle just to see the cap go flying off at 400 fps.
scoobt69397 years ago
i dont get how the bicarb will get to the vinigar if its in plastic
Shaking it gets the bicarb out the bag.
I planted one in my teacher's suit case since he pissed me off long enough!
As soon as he picked up his piece of crap, BOOM!
It had one heck of a bang!

Great work chap.
wow that must have been funny as hell
bruhobbit7 years ago
Lolz wasp
Would it be possible to make one out of, like, a soup can?
That Weasel7 years ago
Paragontrix, nice! I just had an airsoft skirmish with some of my friends this weekend and i got a popper, took the confetti out of it and dumped BB's in there then i taped it near the front of my gun (Full Metal AK-47 CM.028-S) and i used it on my friend.
paragontrix7 years ago
THIS IS AWSOME i was in gresham station with a few of those and i put BB's in it like that weasel said and some ppl walked by right when it went off. lol...... they were PISSED
bored_teen7 years ago
i tried it with a medicine container, didn't work too well but ill keep trying!!!
Make sure the gases aren't escaping and the reaction has enough force to blow the top off.
joey25426677 years ago
Instead of powder, put some of those poppers!
Ds HaKa7 years ago
Try an easter egg
That wouldnt have ane affect uless it is sealed tight.
That Weasel7 years ago
U wouldn't need the powder if I were puttin BBs in there right?
No you wouldn't need the powder.
I made this but instead I just cut a bigger corner and filled that with baking soda, then topped it off withairsoft bb's..... SWEET!!!
2_wicked7 years ago
I think it would be cooler if you replaced the pepper with itching powder
XI37 years ago
i wonder if you could do the same thing with one of the nerd boxes? the ones that hold two flavors... then you would not have to cut any cardboard at all. i wonder if the seal is strong enough though...[][]
this is pretty sweet
anarki1217 years ago
how big is the blast radios,(does it have one?)
Nate677 years ago
This barely works, at least with a fish food can....
gotja7 years ago
you could probibly also replace the pepper with airsoft bbs and make a grnade
i did that just with copper bb's
i forgot 2 use string and the cap wnt over the fence
yeah i learnt the hard way too
i cldnt get the cap back cause the neighbors hav mean dogs
binna7 years ago
in step five it says put the plastic on top of the card board, what plastic?
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  binna7 years ago
Oh that doesn't matter, I don't know why I typed that.
makoman117 years ago
I used your advice but it didn't work. The cardboard would not stop slipping into the vinegar and would not stay in place. I used wax to seal it but it worked too well,it would not go through it. I also have another question, what is the string for? What can I do to keep the piece from slipping? Can you help me with these problems? Thanks
It sounds to me like you haven't cut the carboard just right, if you make it about 1/2mm to 1mm extra in radius (I would recommend using a compass) then that should help seal it. The string is used so that you don't lose the cap when it pops open.
makoman117 years ago
Thank you very much.
asda6537 years ago
Great instructable, I may very well use it soon unlike the most which are way out of my technical ability range. Question, do you know of any chemicals that could combust with the energy from the soda/vinegar reaction so as to form a flash grenade? I go airsofting with my friends once in awhile.
Thanks! No, I am afraid that I don't know of anything that could make a flash, you will probably have to ask the pyrotechnical experts on that one.
Aw, darn. I found another use though. It's winter right. Ice everywhere. Use salt as a payload and there you are a nice ice melter.
Nice!! Good thinking!
makoman117 years ago
I have a question. I know you said to cut a piece of cardboard the circumference of the canister but then what do you do with that piece?
Oh, you put it on top of the vinegar and the bag of bicarb to seal the canister and stop the powder stopping the reaction.
nkk077 years ago
i might try it with an empty fish food thing they are bigger and nearly the same!!:)

Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  nkk077 years ago
Yeah but then problem with them is the large rim so the blast will be smaller.
nkk077 years ago
i threw it outside and it didnt work after a few secs so i got my shoes on and brung it back in and just as i took my shoes off it bley nearly in my face the top hit my face.then my mom woke up and she`s a mardy pig so she showed off.: 0
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  nkk077 years ago
Oh dear!
lol very funny
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  nkk077 years ago
At least it worked!
mw2127 years ago
Very awsome! used them and a couple of knex gun and had a really big backyard war with my friends.
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  mw2127 years ago
Sounds fun!
mine isn't working I did every thing u said to do. any suggestions?
You may not be using the correct ratio of soda to vinegar, you may be using the wrong type of chemicals, you may not be sealing the canister totally or it may contain a hole or you may not be shaking it enough.
OK but I know i used the right chemicals and there was no holes and i even hammered it shut
what do you put pepper in it?
Yes, it makes a nice cloud of powder.
Sorry, I meant where.
Oh, in the top after you put the cardboard in.
Bilsy287 years ago
Can u reuse the canister? Good instructions by the way really helped me, u should definitely make a vid.
Yes, you can reuse the film canister as may times as you like but unfortunatly after a few times the cardboard gets a bit soggy (if you haven't already lost it!) and I really do need a video, it has been a year and i still haven't done it!
$T.ars3nic7 years ago
try to put a m80 in middle of the canister fill the rest of canister with fine graded pepper, that will work trust me.
ramses8 years ago
i have not tried this yet, but i don't think it will blow up. i've tried this and turned the film canister upside down, and it shot like 2 feet in the air. for a contact "explosive" fill a tennis ball with strike anywhere match heads. or if you have a death wish mix up nail polish remover with 30% hydrogen peroxcide and battery acid. oh and to make sure that it is extra suicidal make sure that the reaction takes place above 10C. and then chew on the powder after it has dried. detonation velocity above 5000 fps. ouch.
ok, i haven't tried this but i do know he's not goin for a real 'grenade' type thing, more along the lines of a grenade version mitsubishi, you know the eggs filled with blinding powder used by ninjas? However i doubt this would work in a real life situation since people move alot and theres no way this could be left in one position with out mixing and blowin it up on your sides or in the bag its bein stored in.
it does work
as a pay load, has anyone tried 2 use paint? im pretty sure itd be cool.
i have a theory. Maybe alcohol and chlorine... Serch it on utube if u must... the reaction is like vinegar&bicarb:alcohol&chlorine = 1:100. Or ... you ... know... maybe not... just a thought.
oh yes a very powerful explosion
yeah it could work great but the paint could seep through the card and damp it too much.
resophonic8 years ago
Pure Awesome!
can anyone explain why you need the string?
the string is there so u dont lose the cap
yo, how big is the explosion, cause i wanted to throw one at a car that keeps and doing burnouts past our house at night
you could put paint powder in and aim it at the cars!! :P
do you have the vid cause that would be awsome
it depends but it could but it is usually a few metres for me
ingnore 'but it could'
so you dont lose the top
badrang48 years ago
oh. thank you
badrang48 years ago
hey i was wonderin if i can fill with less vinigar?
well i suppose you could, but then you would have to use less bicarbonate of soda and that could make the force too little to blow the top off and then you would have wasted it, but it may work-it is all about proportions.
Ekaj8 years ago
If you use this with airsoft bbs instead of pepper it is an airsoft grenade!
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  Ekaj8 years ago
motorbreath8 years ago
lol these r so much fun once a Park Ranger was walking down right near my bomb site and it peppered him. That didnt end well
i can imagine it didnt :P
Awesome, very well done. I tried it and I messed it up, because when I was tracing the canister on the cardboard with an exacto knife and I nicked the canister a few times not too deep, but your grenade had enough power to actually tear a hole in the bottom of the canister where the small slices were and blow the bag with the baking soda halfway through the hole. now thats pretty powerful. I made a big mistake though, I used Balsamic vinigar and the odor almost made me puke, that plus the stinging stench of Pepper, finer black pepper, garlic salt, and lemon pepper (with garlic and onions) I used. Why I did this for the first one I made as a practice one, I have no clue, but it was awful. And the best part is that you can have basicaly anything shoot out of it. good job
haha sounds like a real stink!! and thanks
heey man cool instructable. im a have a homemade airsoftgun and i used ur grenades as bullets - hardcore... u should try it once LOL
sounds super cool!! how did you fit them in the barrel?
Lostkid8 years ago
kool i did this just with airsoft pellets in it...EEEEEheheheheheheee...
how did it go? :D
I threw it and it blew up all over my friend... and made a squirrel spaz out
hehehe :D great
Can you use a PLATO container sinse its air tight?!?
Do you mean Play-Doh?
sorry i forgot how to speel it. I havent used play-doh in 10 years.
you can't spell speel
yeah you could use play doh container too
i think so because i have never heard of a PLATO container
what are they?
jt248 years ago
wwhat me and my friends do with gun powder
check it out
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  jt248 years ago
wow!!! you guys are crazy!!
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
OMG"!!! 65000 views!!
BlueFusion8 years ago
Vinegar is good for treating wasp stings. For bee stings, use a baking soda solution.
well i am sorted then!!
tinyman8 years ago
IDK well it went bom dats da thing thetinymanisback@hotmail.com
i have added you
tinyman8 years ago
welll my bro n me made a bomb we used a soda gas canaster (dat thing to make home made soda the lil gas thing) n a toy helmet som leaves n fire if u wantmor info my msn is thetinymanisback@hotmail.com
do you mean the soda syphon
i tryed it with four and it worked really well it exploded in mid flight which was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:)
cool!! :D
thank you
i'm going to try it out wish me luck!!!!!!!!! (\-/) (0.o) (> <)
Pudge8 years ago
I think i am going to make a whole bunch of these for when my gang and i camp in the woods. The problem is, they would want to test them first. So, could i reuse the canaster once it blew up or would it be to baddly damaged?
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  Pudge8 years ago
you can reuse the canisters as many times as you like
Yeah... My mom came in and asked what it was... She shook it... it blew up and shot pepper by her face... I was able to remake it
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  Pudge8 years ago
ha! :D
twisted8 years ago
I am very sorry you had to suffer the atttack of the wasp. I hope it has not tramatized you in any way. haha I HATE bees and wasps. lol Cool idea anways. im gunna try it sometime. ~Twisted
i am afraid that i may be mentally distressed for the rest of my life :(
Loveofchaos8 years ago
I have an idea, after it is filled with the chemicals and the load TAPE the cap on tightly, if it doesnt work then the chemicals arent strong enough, but to get it open i would recommend shooting it with a .22 or a BB gun because there is gonna be a lot of pressure, ill try later. Have fun! ~~~Derek~~~
i dont think they are strong enough
Loveofchaos8 years ago
uyuuuuug its not working but i think i know what might be wrong, time to go out again haha
anthony12318 years ago
this thing looks cool i want th throw it at a rakoon
What is allspice?
allspice is lots of different spices mixed together
Allspice (or Jamaican Pepper) is not a whole bunch of spices mixed together. It is dried, unripened pimento berries. It is called allspice because it TASTES like a whole bunch of spices mixed together.
oh thanks
racoons are insane man 'bin-claws-bin-claws-bin-claws-bin-claws-bin-claws-jump-jump-teeth' munch munch munch!!!
Nice little idea. I like all exploding things (who doesn't?) and something this small is cool. Sorry about the wasp attacking you.
thanks but it is ok because i peppered the wasp!!!
lol! nice shot!
yeah! it shot it out the air
*ker-pow!* *BUZZzzzzz...* *little puff of smoke as it hits the ground and releases all its evil*
your mom8 years ago
would this work with something you know, bigger?
yes but you would have to use more bicarb and vinegar, obviously
yea, that but what container?
CVJX your mom8 years ago
maybe you could use a pringles can.
your mom CVJX8 years ago
silly me, never thought of a pringles can, those things are like, exactly like a film canister
the cardboard may let the air out, but try it and tell us what happened
I tried it and it worked. But it did not pop too much since I had no more baking soda. The fibers are too tight and there are (thin) layers of aluminium, paper and plastic. I saw on TV how they made pringles cans and tetra-pak things.
CVJX CVJX8 years ago
I mean i had little baking soda left.
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  CVJX8 years ago
so it worked but not brilliantly?
yup. But i'll try with more baking soda.
CVJX CVJX8 years ago
or you could use a lays can.
Vendigroth CVJX8 years ago
p'raps put a whole 500G tub of baking powder in, then a plastic bag of vinegar, only arranged so it doesn't spill, then tape the lid on TIIIIGHT! then shake it and chuck it.
do you think i could use a m&ms mini container or a empty deoderent thing?
yeah you can use any thing that is air tight with a pop open lid (remember the bigger the container is the more chemicals you have to use)
thanx i just cant frekin find a film thing...
after i put the cardbored on what do i do?whats the plastic?
the plastic bag goes in first because it has the bicarb in, then the cardboard circle and then the powder/pellets you want to spray
Eddbot8 years ago
and as for the pringles idea if it does get too big like i'm sure it will you might end up with a metal can bottom flying at you, not that i'm anti-explosives i'm just anti-shrapnel
the pringles idea didnt work with bicarb but i did make a motar with one but that was with explosives
you should make an instructable on the mortar idea ,i would like to read it
yeah i might
Point A8 years ago
that was the best
Eddbot8 years ago
i wonder if there is a way to mix the bicarb and vinegar that allows you to not have to carry it around carefully, so it is more like a grenade
there is, i saw an airsoft grenade online that used bicarb and vinegar and had a compartment that keep the bicarb separate until you push a plunger, but i made one and the bbs didnt come out so i will order one and work out how it works, and then i will tell you.
awsome, thanks
esdreas8 years ago
when i thought of an explosion, my butt got itchy
Eddbot esdreas8 years ago
znelson7108 years ago
you can use a tennis ball canister and scale up the recipe and you would get a freakin war-grade explosive. you colud make digging holes alot faster or bery them in a sand box at your local park and add an extra long fuse and watch the sand fly
like mines!!
micronxd8 years ago
nice... I did something along those lines in 5th grade... except, i filled the bottom 3rd with vinegar, then wax paper that i sealed with scotch tape (PITFA), then baking soda... then the top had baby powder... so when u shook and threw, 5 sec l8r a little poof of baby powder came out... lol i know it was lame
mrmnk258 years ago
This is awesome! Its not very powerful but, if throwen with the right timing and aim it can make someone smell horrible for hours!
Hold_out8 years ago
I have made a ricket laincher/ mortar with 600ml pepsi bottles a peice of pvc pipe and 2 corks.
sounds cool post pictures or an instructable!!
mr depo8 years ago
this is awesome!! i think that i killed some thing when i did this.
caddilac8 years ago
i had a question- mine took about a 2 and ahalph min. to blow! after about 10 sec.i thought i thought it was broke. but then 230 later it blew. do u no why?
Or you didnt have the correct proportions of chemicals or they didnt totally mix
either you had a REALLY tiny leak or the plastic was doing too well at protecting its baking soda
I HAVE IT for a bb grenade you're gonna need just one extra thing. You make a little scoop out of stiff material instead of the plastic bag cone. Then you need to inser that and bend the scoop so it comes out of the top. The scoop holds the two chemicals apart until you're ready to throw, then instead of shaking, either try to pour the scoop throughh the cap or thrust up on the scoop so it is violently forced in to the bb chamber and the scoop either breaks or drops its contents. Sorry no pictures but if you dont understand something just post more. I will have pictures soon! for use in bb wars at a slight distance, these things can hurt if used well or with different chemicals for a more violent chemical reaction. STAY AWAY FROM THESE you can drop it on your friend but im no liable for a bunch of bb-sized bruises and niether is Loosewire
bommer128 years ago
what does it do?
it pops open and propells the pepper out
do u think this thing could effectively shoot airsoft bb's?
ya read my comment up ther at the top but the problem with it is that u cant really use it in a airsoft war because it has to remain upright so that it doesnt blow until when u want it 2 detonate.
wait i just had a hella good idea about how 2 make it into like an airsoft grenade launcher tho ill get back 2 u maybe with an instructable if it works
SO DID I AND I CANT FIND ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT SO HERE GOES *screams in pain as stabbed by scissors* oops wait a few days because right now i DONT want to touch scissors
yeah i tried it. it works prity well
yeah i done it nothing happend can u tell me how much stuff 2 put in? cheers:-)
it usually works with 2 parts vinegar to 1 part bicarbonate of soda
alpha_bear8 years ago
ahh good old town of shrewsbury, shropshire, england!!!! T.B.C
coool!! for me tis brum!!!! but i love warwick. have you ever been there??
yer warick tis koooool LOL iant been there mch but im sure i have! T.B.C
v-dartmaker8 years ago
This is for fun.If your just going to make fun of it please dont find something better to do!
street1048 years ago
This looks cool
wait 2 things. im new so idont no how to just post a comment. this is a reply or somthing can someone help me out and also this grenade thingy is sick. I amped it up and used like a huge fat tupperware and filled it with hella flour and (wearing safety goggles) hella airsoft bbs and it was extreemmmmee awsomness.
how much vinegar and bicarb did you have to use?
im not really sure but a lot. the thing is, u can tell when uv used 2 much cuz some of it doesnt detonate so when you look at the container after its blown, thers still some bicarb left in it. i think i baisically went by ur rule tho, fill about 1/4 with viniger and the plastic bag cone should be filled about half way with bicarb. i also think the detonation time on the larger ones is about 3 to 4 seconds im not sure y.
ooooo tx im an idiot
hehe bbs that sounds hella tight
pooboy8 years ago
bommer128 years ago
i dont get stages 4-5 can u help?
well you get a plastic bag cut the corner off and fill the corner with bicarbinate of soda. then push the corner of the bag in to the canister so the open end is facing upward. then cut a piece of card to the size of the insde of the canister and push the card in so it covers the hole in the film canister.
Ibanezfoo8 years ago
Be very careful.... GW's boys see this and you might get taken down as a terrorist...
pyroman188 years ago
It was cool, i shook it up and placed it on its lid, and he canister shot up like a rocket.
lol loose the string,baking soda,vingar. Replace with Cannonfuse, flashpowder and acitone mix then (dried into the film can with fuse on it.) Then light and throw ...someware ;-)... BE CAREFUL (dangerous duh)
knexer18 years ago
another container that you could use instead of a film canister is a plastic m and m's container (the tube-shaped ones). they are better because they are bigger, and there isn't a problem with the cap getting lost
Kaiven8 years ago
this is cool. it's like... pepper spray! lol
sona Kaiven8 years ago
u could use powdered mace
sona8 years ago
u should make a landmine out of this
stratscher8 years ago
thats gotta be the first explosive chemical device i ever learnt 2 make
mooman8 years ago
no but i thought of it and i thought it might be a full proof plan but no i havent even made the bomb thing i was gona go buy the stuff todau so ima try it today
ok then please say how it goes and be careful!!!
b-dog1328 years ago
so is this supposed to cover ur emeny in pepper or wat?? u can just get a glass bottle of vinger and add baking sode close and run it makes a cool bang and glass everwhere
have you tried that??
mooman8 years ago
i think i may have found a way to pull the string and plug the hole jus get like a lil piece of clay-doh or clay w/e and attack it to the string and then pull and make a small hole on the lid to where the clays big enuff to not fit and the string can come out
mmm..? i suppose it could work could you try it at tell me how it goes!!
thats not a pepperbomb.... why dont you just make an m-80 or better and put it in a can with the top cut off with a buncha lil screws and shit in there
because it is not an explosive bomb which means it is safe, easy to make and fun!!!!!
it could kill a old geriactric barstard. they culdnt stop sneazing and then die of a lack of breath or sumfin like that
ha ha ha
b-dog1328 years ago
i throwed mine at my cuz it was sooooo funny i used alot of pepper he was sennzing and laugh at the same time it was like hahahahachoooohahahahahchoooochahahahahahahahahahchooooo!!...................lol
ha ha ha cool!!!!!
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
Total; 34125
e13378 years ago
The string is just there so that you dont lose the cap...
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author)  e13378 years ago
yes but you could cut a hole in the top and put string in there!!!!!
how could you make it so when u pull a string a divider separates and they mix?
you would need a hole in the top and then once the string was pulled you would have to re-seal the whole or it would not work
he said spill not spit
sorry it was a mistake
berdonka8 years ago
this realy works P.S. you can substitute pepper wit rat repellent or ne other kinda of replent so theres a stench to to it
cool, thanks
alpha_bear8 years ago
Ahhhhhh weve got the same bicarb of Soda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
really?/ where do you live????
Demented8 years ago
And what's powder flour? Is it normal flour?
it is just normal sieved (or broken up) flour
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
i am developing more ideas at the moment but this time with explosives
Stupidkid2000 he said spill and yarn and string are differnt one is all fuzzy and loose string is made more tightly they may be same matterials though. but hey this is cool untill your bag leaks and blows pepper and viniger in your face it wasnt me my friend did it and blew right in his face lol.
WOW! i was away for abit because my computer got hacked and i just realised that they had change the layout of the site but i prefered it how it was this font is too small.the site was brighter before
jordan1238 years ago
it dose not work that well it a stupid idea
animaster8 years ago
haha handy for some thiefs "i have a filmcase and im not afraid to use it!!" said the old granny! she trowed the roll to the thief and he was peppersprayed!!!
lemonie8 years ago
I'm intrigued as to why a person would want to do this... Do you throw this at your food in order to season it? Any other use would seem pointless or plain evil(?) L
Junkernaut8 years ago
Finally I can properly seasonmy enemies! "Evil Laugh" " " " "
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
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Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
I will be looking at that when you publish it
zofo3008 years ago
shake it up... then wat the hell is the string for?
Aeshir zofo3008 years ago
So you don't lose the cap when it explodes. I've lost a few caps for these things doing this. Hey.......what will we use for these things when film cameras go totally extinct??!?!?!? AHHHHHH!!!!!
Aeshir8 years ago
I make these things but without the pepper and spices crap. I do it kinda differently than this, i'm making an instructable for my version. I gotta try this version....
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
There would be more pictures but it is raining at the moment
web page published tuesday 6/9/06
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
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Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
that is right
the trick is to pack the powder not too tightly...yet not loosely......and an empty deodorant canister will be "ideal".....just try experimenting
tempusr9 years ago
"3. Cut some string ('yarn' for you Americans)" - lol.. you don't think Americans know what string is? or do you think we don't have string..only yarn? and yes it is different... lol
i dont pretend to be a string/yarn expert but wtf is the differance?both will do the job
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 8 years ago
It depends on how much powder you put it
j.w_lewis9 years ago
how big is the radius of the pepper.
this is pretty cool.I made a project really simular to this except i filled the canister half way with viniger.then i dipped a kleenex in right to where it still wasnt touching the niniger the i put baking soda and quick dry cement :)
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
sorry. i did not mean to offend any one but yes it is string
That looks more like string than yarn to me.
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
i know but it is expensive
austin9 years ago
use caynne pepper the finely powdered kind its so hard to wash off and its hotter than black pepper.
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
Why did you write IN CAPS? "I WOULD NOT DO IT NEED ANIMAL", Please check your english. Other than that, Nice.
WolvesOfWar9 years ago
nice, good idea, although i woudn't USE it, maybe for fun, where it can't harm anything
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
As I said i am very sorry but i had the camera on the wrong setting and thank you for commenting and Monkeybo1 I am experimently with improving my design
tinglystix9 years ago
next time, loosewire, could you please use better lighting for your pictures?
Monkeybo19 years ago
although there are many variations, yours is very clever by including powder. Just an idea, why doesnt someone come up with a baking soda and vinager grenade that can be activated by string / pin etc. but you can tilt it any way?
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
I am sorry some of the pictures are not in focus but I was showing what to do with one hand a taking the photo with the other and the camera had been messed with and taken off automatic!!
Loosewire; SOE Operative (author) 9 years ago
I am sorry some of the pictures are not in focus but I was showing what to do with one hand a taking the photo with the other and the camera had been messed with and taken off automatic!!