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We make a lot of curries. Each time we make a fantastic curry, we make a simple stir fry of rice or millet. This way we get to eat something new and at the same time introduce you to a new recipe. Otherwise, pairing curries with the same old boiled rice or millet becomes boring. India being the spice capital, offers us a wide range of condiments to play with. In the past we showed you recipes such as turmeric rice, hara dhaniya pulao and the likes. This pepper rice is another valuable addition to our repository of pilafs and stir fried staples.

Making this pepper rice hardly takes any effort and it tastes great on its own. You can enjoy it as is or with any curry of your choice. Our pepper rice recipe will yield 2 servings, with 278 kilocalories in each.

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Black pepper is a carminitive, a property that stimulates hydrochloric acid and prevents the formation of intestinal gas.

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