I made a Princess Bubblegum halloween costume for someone last year.  I figured every princess needed a butler, so I made a candy bag to go with it.

I'm including the pattern with this instructable.  Please remember, though, that you can only make these for personal use, not for profit. Peppermint Butler is a copyrighted character.

You will need:  

a pattern (I've uploaded the pdf I made for this.  I'm sure you can figure out how to scale it up to whatever size you want, and piece together the pages you print)
red felt for the stripes and bowtie
opaque white fabric for the body and handle
blue opaque fabric for the suit - I used some flocked remnant scraps I got for free
red quilting cotton for the hands, feet, and lining (and the underside of the handle)
a tiny bit of white quilting cotton for the shirt cuffs
light duty iron-on adhesive
heavy duty iron-on adhesive
muslin for reinforcing
felt for reinforcing
black embroidery floss
white, red, and blue thread for sewing the thing together


fabric scissors
other scissors for cutting out the paper pattern - don't cut paper with your good fabric scissors
embroidery needle
iron and heat safe surface
marking tool to trace pattern onto fabric
a sewing machine  - or - a hand sewing needle, thimble, strong fingers, and oceans of patience

Step 1: Cut & Iron Pieces

I've scaled the size of the pattern down so it can fit on printer paper.  You can make it larger if you want.

I made the pattern after I made the bag (based on the shapes I cut for the bag), so keep that in mind when you see the pictures.  I started out by using a 12" diameter circle for the main part of the body, knowing it would end up smaller once the seams were sewn.  Once your pattern is the size you want, trace it onto the pieces of fabric and cut them out.

Iron the lighter weight iron-on adhesive, glue side down, onto the back of the red stripes, bowtie, and two main blue suit pieces.  Peel off the paper backing, then arrange the candy stripes, bowtie, and suit pieces on the two white circles.  I folded the edges of the blue suit over and added another strip of iron-on adhesive under the fold so there wouldn't be a raw edge on the bag, since the blue fabric frayed easily.  Iron the pieces together.  This might take awhile if you're using thick fabric and if your iron is a piece of junk like mine.  
This is an amazing tutorial! Thank you so much for all of the work you put into making it, and for the many pictures and the pattern. I absolutely adore it and can't wait to make it!
<p>Thank you so much for the post. I made it a flat shoulder bag. My daughter had to have &quot;girl&quot; colors so we changed him up a bit. :) I sewed the buttons on and should have doubled the coat tail--didn't notice the visible white thread until I was finished...along with all the arm and leg seams on the top vs. the underside. </p>
Oh my god I love this, thank you!
Gotta Love It!
There you are! He is so cute! Thanks for sharing. <br>sunshiine
Love it!!!
Oh my glob! That is flippin' awesome.
This is downright <strong>ADORABLE</strong>.<br> <br> I know where you get your inspiration, but I don't know where you find the time!

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