Picture of Peppermint Snowmen
Well, this I'ble comes from getting bored last week and making some sweet treats for the guys and gals in work...  Since we where all working hard on Christmas Eve, I decided to bring some eddible outdoors-indoors.... All week we had had Snow and Ice, and people had got a little down about it... so well, I decided to make these little guys to brighten up peoples day... they went down a treat, and would make Brilliant Christmas presents!

So Sit back Enjoy and Let me know what you think!


I have entered this into the Snow sculpture contest, as well.... Our Snow has melted, and this is all I could come up with...

It's in Holiday Gifts too, because I think they would make a great Gift!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
As for Ingredients, this is as SIMPLE as it gets... It's only *REALLY* got three essential ones... the rest are just pomp and glory... delicious pomp and glory

Watcha gunna need:
  • Icing sugar (300g, BUT I would have extra, you'll see why later)
  • 1x Egg white
  • Peppermint flavouring (The natural stuff is best, but go with what you can get)
Pomp and Glory:
  • Orange food colouring, or Orange sweets for his nose
  • Silver Catering balls for his eyes

  • Scales for weighing out the Icing sugar
  • Spatula, or spoon
  • Big bowl
  • Plate
  • Cocktail stick

Aquilla4 years ago
Adorable presentation on these. Great work!
Biggsy (author)  Aquilla4 years ago
I love this idea. I already have everything in the kitchen ready to go. There's a below zero weekend forcasted and three little girls wondering what I have up my sleeve. Thanks.
Biggsy (author)  cdawisconsin4 years ago
hehe We used to make them as kids too...Let me know how they turn out, and if i need to amend anything
Worked great. Kids had a blast and got quite creative.
Biggsy (author)  cdawisconsin4 years ago
That looks fantastic! welldone! Is there any part of my I'ble that needs tweaking? or is it easy to understand?
Easy to follow Instructable. Had to look up 300g =) because I didn't know how much that was. Don't you just love Google!
Biggsy (author)  cdawisconsin4 years ago
lol, I usually work in lbs and ounces... but decided to post in grammes to be more... metric-y
Biggsy (author)  cdawisconsin4 years ago
Since my I'ble worked for you, you wouldnt mind voting for it would you? It's listed in christmas gifts and the snowmen contest...

ta :)
chachingck4 years ago
How great!
Biggsy (author)  chachingck4 years ago
ta :)
Nistar4 years ago
Heh, cool!
Biggsy (author)  Nistar4 years ago
Thanks :)
Qvvi4 years ago
Печати и штампы. Изготовление печатей и штампов по оттиску в Москве, срочно, без вопросов.
ChrysN4 years ago
They are so cute!
Biggsy (author)  ChrysN4 years ago
And they taste good too