Pepsi Can Stove





Introduction: Pepsi Can Stove

so it can fit in any pocket boil water in less than two minutes keep you warm and it makes a great light backpacking stove.the pot fuel and windscreen can't fit in the pockets :( I did NOT come up with this i saw one at scouts and dicided to make an instructable!You can use Denatured alcohol HEET or nail polish remover for fuel.You can put this in your igloo, quinzee, lean-to for heat when not cooking.This stove uses 50% less fuel than others

Step 1: Cutting the Can and Inner Wall

the taller the can sides the longer the stove will stay burning. Cut two cans at the same hight.Sand the edges so you dont get cut if you want You can sand the paint of the side if you want a silver finish.Cut a strip of can from the middle of the can for a inner wall.cut a ridge out at each end on opposite sides then slid the ridges together to form the inner wall.

Step 2: Insulation

you add insulation from your attic any color will work. cotton balls and blown in insulation will work this is not supossed to burn and is to keep your fuel from spillin if the stove is knocked.Put the insulation inside the inner wall.put the inner wall and insulation inside thbottom fuel cap.

Step 3: Construction

place the top burner into the fuel cap you can crimp th edges if the fuel cap splits down the side its ok as only the fuel does not come out.

Step 4: Jets and Fuel Ports

us a large nail for the fuel port in the middle of the depression on the bottom of the can. us a small nail or straight pin for the fuel jets REMEMBER you can make the ports lager later so make them smal and then by trial and error make them bigger if needed.

Step 5: Pot Stand and Wind Screen

use a metal cloths hangerand pleirs to make apot stand by bending the ends into legs look at the pictures for better help.Use tin fiol and bend up th edges and slide the stand in then fold over the edges BUT LEAVE SPACE AT THE BOTTOM FOR AN UP DRAFT TO COME THROUGH. if you are cooking out of a can like some beans lay long nails across like a grate.



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Is it safe to use insulation?

Not even close to safe, insulation makes some nasty gases when it burns. i'm talking respiratory arrest inducing gases, not to mention cancer later in life. we wear air packs into every fire now because we have learned what burning insulation does. source: i'm a firefighter and a fire sciences student



I have problems with keeping this kind burning, but with an open center, it works fine. More like Trangia.
You may not use kero.

can you use kerosene

 Has anyone tried using a chilli can as a stove?

the holes are to big, use a pushpin to make them, and use a nickle instaid of a quarter, it seals better.

dont use the inner wall it isnt doing anything for you execpt making it harder to prime.

leave the stove fiberglass free, the insulation dosnt do anything for your gain.

hope this helps
junits 15

Adding insulation can help - if you knock the stove over whilst it's lit, the alcohol doesn't go everywhere straight away.

not really,  a good stove can use 1-2 oz of fuel for boiling water, if that falls it isnt going to spill everywhere, you might get a few drips but thats all.