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so it can fit in any pocket boil water in less than two minutes keep you warm and it makes a great light backpacking stove.the pot fuel and windscreen can't fit in the pockets :( I did NOT come up with this i saw one at scouts and dicided to make an instructable!You can use Denatured alcohol HEET or nail polish remover for fuel.You can put this in your igloo, quinzee, lean-to for heat when not cooking.This stove uses 50% less fuel than others

Step 1: Cutting the Can and Inner Wall

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the taller the can sides the longer the stove will stay burning. Cut two cans at the same hight.Sand the edges so you dont get cut if you want You can sand the paint of the side if you want a silver finish.Cut a strip of can from the middle of the can for a inner wall.cut a ridge out at each end on opposite sides then slid the ridges together to form the inner wall.

Step 2: Insulation

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you add insulation from your attic any color will work. cotton balls and blown in insulation will work this is not supossed to burn and is to keep your fuel from spillin if the stove is knocked.Put the insulation inside the inner wall.put the inner wall and insulation inside thbottom fuel cap.

Step 3: Construction

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place the top burner into the fuel cap you can crimp th edges if the fuel cap splits down the side its ok as only the fuel does not come out.

Step 4: Jets and Fuel Ports

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us a large nail for the fuel port in the middle of the depression on the bottom of the can. us a small nail or straight pin for the fuel jets REMEMBER you can make the ports lager later so make them smal and then by trial and error make them bigger if needed.

Step 5: Pot Stand and Wind Screen

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use a metal cloths hangerand pleirs to make apot stand by bending the ends into legs look at the pictures for better help.Use tin fiol and bend up th edges and slide the stand in then fold over the edges BUT LEAVE SPACE AT THE BOTTOM FOR AN UP DRAFT TO COME THROUGH. if you are cooking out of a can like some beans lay long nails across like a grate.


Evan606 (author)2010-02-23

Is it safe to use insulation?

geewizartcool (author)Evan6062013-05-10

Not even close to safe, insulation makes some nasty gases when it burns. i'm talking respiratory arrest inducing gases, not to mention cancer later in life. we wear air packs into every fire now because we have learned what burning insulation does. source: i'm a firefighter and a fire sciences student

sreepradaramakrishna (author)2011-02-04


sreepradaramakrishna (author)2011-02-04


gurr (author)2011-01-16

I have problems with keeping this kind burning, but with an open center, it works fine. More like Trangia.
You may not use kero.

jbend (author)2010-10-30

can you use kerosene

zzzazzz3 (author)2010-05-22

 Has anyone tried using a chilli can as a stove?

junits15 (author)2009-11-13

the holes are to big, use a pushpin to make them, and use a nickle instaid of a quarter, it seals better.

dont use the inner wall it isnt doing anything for you execpt making it harder to prime.

leave the stove fiberglass free, the insulation dosnt do anything for your gain.

hope this helps
junits 15

TheShaggyDA (author)junits152010-04-01

Adding insulation can help - if you knock the stove over whilst it's lit, the alcohol doesn't go everywhere straight away.

junits15 (author)TheShaggyDA2010-04-05

not really,  a good stove can use 1-2 oz of fuel for boiling water, if that falls it isnt going to spill everywhere, you might get a few drips but thats all.

TheShaggyDA (author)junits152010-04-05

Given the size of his jets though, insulation would be the difference between "a few drips" and "all of it" :-)

Willmeister (author)2009-09-04

dont use heet you have a high chance of going blind from the methanol in it or at least 50% blind use rubbing alcohol

junits15 (author)Willmeister2009-10-28

Only if you drink it, and is says right on the back, "toxic do not ingest".

hulma (author)2009-09-30

you could also buy gelled fuel for fondue burners

fredricksburgthethird (author)2009-09-13

i built a stove similar to this (no inner wall or insulation) and took it backpacking it worked very well. Does anybody have ideas to control the flame height?

stevemonkey22 (author)2009-08-15

these work great and are easy to make i make 2 in about 4 or 5 mins.but dont use nail polish remover it give off rreeeeeaalllyyy bad fumes

jspike2 (author)2009-01-31

how do you light the stove because when i try to light it it has one spark then it dies

junits15 (author)jspike22009-08-06

you will have to preheat the stove to set the fuel evaporating, those burning evaporating fumes cause more fuel to evaporate and so on.

dabombmaker (author)jspike22009-07-22

sorry but you have to be smarter than the stove

ClemensY290 (author)2009-05-05

so does nailpolish remover work?

dabombmaker (author)ClemensY2902009-07-22

darnerous to you and enviorment it gives off tons of co2 and co

666man8 (author)2009-05-20

can you use hand sanatizer as fuel?

dabombmaker (author)666man82009-07-22

yah but not very effective

glassarmor10 (author)2009-02-04

how do you light it? does it need a fuse? do it use gas or foot polish remover to light

jtb103 (author)glassarmor102009-02-12

u light it by vaporizing your fuel denatured alcohol works best with heat the lighting the vapors

wade12 (author)jtb1032009-05-09

what kind of alcohol rubing alcohol or the alcohol you drink.

Briguy9 (author)wade122009-07-04

Neither, although rubbing alcohol would probably work. The alcohol you use is cooking alcohol (not alcohol you put in food and cook with, alcohol that you use to heat up and cook the food.) which is basically Denatured alcohol (ex. HEET). Information Here:

dabombmaker (author)Briguy92009-07-22

or isopropyl

fbkkooll (author)2009-02-22

I can seem to get the stove to burn. After the primer burns of it goes out. What's the problem?

jtb103 (author)fbkkooll2009-02-22

the fuel may not be vaporizied

fbkkooll (author)jtb1032009-02-22

How do I get it to vaporizes? I've even tried placing a piece of toilet paper over the fill hope and adding the fuel to increase prime time but that didn't work.

dabombmaker (author)fbkkooll2009-07-22

you might need to warm it up use the lighter and heat one side up once it gets going you shouldnt need to do it again unless it goes out and cools

pastprimitive (author)fbkkooll2009-07-06

Check out my website In my design I have a built-in primer pan. It makes getting your stove to work right oh so much easier.

jtb103 (author)fbkkooll2009-02-23

the fuel inside the can hes to heat up enough for it to vaporize you can trie a lighter under it the quickly move it to the top of the can

junits15 (author)fbkkooll2009-07-17

what fuel are you using? if you are using rubbing alcohol you must be using at least 70% try using some more fule spilled around the stove to prime it.

dragonsniper (author)2009-04-07

.what the crap is a quinzee?

jtb103 (author)dragonsniper2009-04-08

an igloo not made of blocks basicaly just a hole in a snowpile

dragonsniper (author)jtb1032009-07-03


Jim_teacher (author)2009-05-19

What does the quarter do? Keep the center from burinng? Step two is confusing to me: why are there suddenly several pieces and what are they? Why is there suddenly one section inside of the other? Is that section as tall as the height of the other two pieces? Are there any suggested measurements for this? Also I don't understand the crimping of the can with plyers in the following step. Is this so that the pieces fit together better? Thanks for doing this - I'm trying to make one from either a Foster's can or Heineken - the so called "oil-kegs".... They should hold more fuel.

jtb103 (author)Jim_teacher2009-05-24

the quarter acts as a valve and the center piece is for strength

pineapplenewton (author)jtb1032009-06-12

it isn't for strength is to control the alcohol fumes

Thank you, I have made like a dozen by now :p I find that 'oil can' heniken and fosters cans work well to hold fuel. Also, 5 jets seem more than enough. Lastly, I have sawed off a few nails and I use the head and stem (without the point) to stop up the center hole. I made an awsome wind screen from a dryer vent piece. The whole kit fits together into my cook pot, and i can boil water in less than 3 minutes with the wind-screen set up properly. I love it, THANKS!

dufur16 (author)2009-05-10

do you put the tin foil around the wire or what?

jtb103 (author)dufur162009-05-18

yeah its not needed it just to block wind you can also use a tin can with holes in the side

wade12 (author)2009-05-09

what is the best fuel for the pepsi can stove?

noelle_tan (author)2009-02-07

I'm confused about the whole insulation-inner wall concept. Could you please clarify and explain it to me?

jtb103 (author)noelle_tan2009-02-10

the insulation is there to soak up the fuel and if its knocked over it does spill as much as it would. the inner wall is for structural integrity

noelle_tan (author)jtb1032009-02-12

So you actually pour the fuel INto the insulation?

jtb103 (author)noelle_tan2009-02-12

were you put the hole in the centere of the can is were u put the fuel then you let i drain in

superquack11 (author)2009-01-24

where does the fuel go?

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