Turn your MacBook iSight into a cam for conferences, lectures, and more with a couple of pieces of cardboard and small mirror. Don't be selfish, point your built in camera forward with this simple periscope: Per-i-Sight! (Sorry, DOESN'T work with MacBook Pro.)

Step 1: Get Materials

1. some sort of thin, but strong(ish), cardboard; I used a PopTarts box.
2. a small plastic mirror. prefferably light weight and thin.
3. pen/pencil and Vis-a-Vis
4. scissors
5. a MacBook (not Pro)
6. Per-i-Sight template: download
I'm pretty sure this will work on just about any laptop. Just in case no one's mentioned it.
this is so clever and simple. love it
I have seen a commercial product similar to this, but with two mirrors so the screen can be upright. Making it steerable would be a big improvement. Another similar idea would be to make a microscope attachment for the camera that clips on in a similar way.
The <a href="http://www.ecamm.com/mac/huckleberry/" rel="nofollow">Ecamm Huckleberry</a> is a commercial version of this mirror and it comes with their iGlasses software to correct for mirror inversions on Macs.&nbsp; (I am not affiliated with Ecamm).<br />
If I use this to try to video-record physics lectures, won't everything on written on the blackboard be reversed? That could make it awfully hard to use. Does anyone know an easy way to get the mirror image of a video?
It's an option in Photobooth whether or not the it flips the image, I imagine it would be in imovie as well.
Actually, this video would be the correct direction. Since normally the isight ends up making a reverse image, when you reflect it like this on a mirror, it flips it back the correct way. ;)
iMovie would do the job.
Nice! I wonder how hard (or possible) it would be to make it rotate....
Very interesting. Is there a specific reason this won't work on a MBP? Is is simply the template would need to be different? If so, I'd be glad to supply a modified template for you.
Based on the design of the Huckleberry for the MacBook Pro, I am assuming you need two mirrors to make it work...
Well... I'll experiment and let you know. I've got a nice refgridgerator mirror to experiment with. It's a great idea and worth the work. Thanks! :)
Nice instructable. It would be cool to have two mirrors (like in a submarine periscope) so that you wouldn't need to lean your screen down so far, but this would flip the image upside-down.
Ignore the huge line on the mirror in the first photo. It is explained in step 5. Hope you like it, it's my first one. Enjoy.

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