Personalized Memory Book Project


Introduction: Personalized Memory Book Project

Items Needed:

1. Sound Module (8 channel, 680 Seconds or 11 Minutes,with “aPR33A3" recording voice chip ) – 1

2. Portable/Mini Speaker – 1

3. 9V Battery – 1

4. Battery adapter and snap - 1

5. Simple switch or click button – 1

6. Jumper wires (Male to Male and Female to Female) – 20 Each

7. Soldering Kit

8. Copper Tape

9. Glue Gun

10. Art supplies

We first showcased this project as a workshop in FAB10, Barcelona. It was a huge success in that event. We have it here for you folks to try and enjoy.

We even made an illustration for the local newspaper :)

Step 1:

All of this is self explanatory.

Step 2:



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    Making one of these memory books looks so fun! What a great idea. Thanks!