Introduction: Perfduino Build Your Own Arduino

This is an Arduino compatible microcontroller I made on a perfboard. I call it a Perfduino.
Full build instructions and details are available at

Here is a video of it running a servo and the arduino Blink example sketch:



saymowan made it! (author)2014-09-23

Great project! Thks for sharing it !

dr.knowitall made it! (author)2011-05-04

How does serial communication work with this board? If I'm not asking the appropriate question, I mean the physical aspect of serial communication. Just curious because I am a complete Arduino noob.

The reason I ask, if it helps clarify, is I would like to use one of these with Grbl to operate a CNC machine. I'm just not sure how the computer would deliver the Gcode information to this board.

Please excuse my ignorance.


Revolt Lab made it! (author)Revolt Lab2011-05-08

The computer communicates to the board through the rx (receiver) and tx (transmitter) pins on the red usb breakout board. A usb cable connects to the computer on one side and to the red board on the other. One side of the red board has a mini usb jack. The other side of the board plugs into the perfduino.

Are you making your own cnc machine? That sounds awesome. Please let me know when you start building it. I'd love to see how you go about the project!

ploomus made it! (author)2011-03-28

Well done!

Revolt Lab made it! (author)Revolt Lab2011-03-28

Thanks much!

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