Perfect Apple Pie Made Simple!

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Some people think making a pie seems intimidating. I don't even know where the phrase "easy as pie" came from because pie can be some what daunting. (Unless you're dumping something out of a can into a premade crust... maybe that's what that phrase has in mind... hmmmmm)

In any case, I've got your hook up on how to make a delicious, amazing pie from scratch! I usually make these in the fall, after my yearly family trip to the Ohio Apple Barn! Nothing better than delicious, ripe locally picked apples!

So come on, let's do this!
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Step 1: What you need to get started:

Picture of What you need to get started:
Here's what you're going to need!
Apples (I only used four apples for this pie)
1 teaspoon lemon juice
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/2 - 3/4 teaspoon cinnamon or nutmeg to taste
2 Tablespoons cold butter, cut in small pieces

You'll want a large mixing bowl, a pie tin, a peeler, a apple cutter or a knife, and a pizza cutter will be a great tool later... and you'll need a pie crust. You can make your own or buy a pre-made crust. I will provide more information on crust later! I believe I used Johnathan apples for this pie. Truth be told, I've used all kinds of apples for pies and never been unhappy with the results!

Pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees!!!!

While I'm thinking about it, you may want an egg to do an egg wash on top of the pie at the end.
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Muuuuust..... fiiiiight...... thaaaaa....... PiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

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Only 500/day? That's DANGEROUS! No wonder you're cranky. Your body will start to revolt at that level. A healthy minimum caloric intake shouldn't go below 1000 calories. Any lower and your metabolism will slow way down to conserve energy, and this works against your dieting efforts.

Once you start to eat normally again, your body will take a while to adjust back to it's regular metabolic rate. In the meantime, you'll start to put weight back on. Starvation diets don't work. Calorie reduction does, especially in combination with activity (not necessarily going-to-the-gym-workouts).
My body was revolting long before I started this.

Seriously though, I've noticed I've been getting a bit neurotic as of late, and my mind as een rifting, orgetting hings nd y peech as een etting lurry nd loppy.

My friend down south has also, for some reason, has decided to start working overtime, constantly waving hi for no reason whatsoever, as opposed to before, when you could barely get him to do some sit-ups for more than 10 minutes. Maybe downing all those B12 vitamins has something to do with it too...

Ok, I've reached my penis joke limit for the day.
Ahh the B12 reference :')
Yeah 500 seems pretty unsafe. Is it like 500 "NET" calories? As in, if you exercise off x amount, you can eat that many calories as well? I am on a 1,200 net calorie a day diet, but if I exercise, I can eat more. It doesn't even seem like 500 would be enough to have your metabolism work correctly.
i can't find brown sugar anywhere around my area. So, can i omit it and increase the volume of plain sugar? If so, how much? would that make any difference?? PLEASE REPLY!!
I'm not really sure, to be honest with you. I know the brown sugar makes it more rich in flavor. I googled a bit an found that you can interchange white sugar in the same amount, but if you have any molasses, perhaps add a couple table spoons of this in order to achieve the flavor profile of the brown sugar. If you don't have molasses, I'm sure it will still be okay, I just won't have the same richness in flavor.
nsantee3 years ago
Did it and its at my blog!

Great recipe!
Wikiman123 years ago
How big is the diameter of your pie tin?
Great recipe anyways!
neonsk8er3 years ago
Hey, Great "-Ible" I just finished putting mine into the oven. But, instead of adding cinnamon or nutmeg I added Apple Pie Spice. I will upload a picture if no one picks at while I'm not looking. Again, Great Work and Thank You for Sharing!
calyad3 years ago
This does look good. If you only used four apples and the apples are as sweet as they look, is all that sugar necessary? Could it be halved?
Smaj4 years ago
400 degrees? I could understand with Kelvin, but you can't possibly mean centigrade, unsure about farinheit.
plasticshakeupsnow (author)  Smaj4 years ago
Sorry, yes, I am in the US, so this is 400 Degrees F.
Ahh okay dokes, thanks =] about 200 degree Celcius then =]
Eddie2164 years ago
Awesome! And looks VERY tasty.....=D
As I understand it the complete saying is "As easy as eating pie." Making a pie isn't really hard but not easy either. But eating it is REAL EASY.
matthewabel4 years ago
The best apples are a mix of tart and sweet, I've found. You want some good balance. The best pie I've had had three apples, I think.

This is a pretty swell 'ible. Lots of good tips.

We've got an apple slicer/corer - the kind with the hand crank. It's pretty awesome.