Perfect Bacon





Introduction: Perfect Bacon

Step 1: Preheat

400 degrees on bake

Step 2: Prep

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil

Step 3: Ready the Bacon

lay the bacon out

Step 4: 10 Minutes

Put sheet o' bacon in the oven. Set timer to ten minutes.

Step 5: Remove Bacon

Step 6: Flip Bacon

Step 7: Turn Sheet 180 Degrees

Step 8: Return to Oven for 7 Minutes

Step 9: Put Paper Towel Over a Plate

This is to absorb the grease and crisp the bacon up.

Step 10: Remove Perfect Bacon

Step 11: Place Bacon on Paper Towel

Step 12: Dab Bacon With Paper Towel

To remove grease from top

Step 13: Eat Perfect Bacon



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Alton Brown places bacon on cookie rack on top of pan. Fat drips away from bacon. Place in COLD oven and set to 400°F. The slow heatup helps to render a lot of the fat away before it actually starts cooking. Much healthier than frying in own fat.

Yes absolutely the best bacon. So juicy and crispy at the same time. So full of flavour

I use this method but have found that parchment paper works better than foil.