Introduction: Perfect Black and Tan

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The following is a very simple way to make the perfect Black and Tan beverage. Be patient and pour slowly . The results will be worth it.

Step 1: Collect One Guinness and One Magners Cider

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Step 2:

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Pour one half of the cider into a Guinness glass. Please ensure you use a Guinness glass.

Step 3: Pour Your Guinness

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Using a large spoon, slowly pour your Guinness onto the spoon. the spoon shoud be touching the sidewall of your glass. Keep your spoon just above the top of the liquid.

Step 4: Enjoy

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If you are patient you will have a perfect Black and Tan to enjoy.

Please drink responsibly.


bastien.brenu (author)2015-11-22

and, what about the taste?


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-11-01

Great looking drink.

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