These chips rock as a snack or side dish. Whilst its a very simple recipe Ive been refining this method for 20yrs and its suprising how many people dont know how to make them good, so after many compliments heres an instructable.

Step 1: Materials

There are many recipes for chips that claim a certain potato is the best, the method in how you make them is far more important i think.

So you'll need

Maris Piper/King Edward/Desiree will all produce a good chip.

About 200g of spuds per person should yield a good portion. Try and use good sized spuds 70x70mm + (adult size fist should give a single portion)

About 500ml (if cooking 1kg of spuds) of quality vegetable oil.

A sharp wide knife or peeler.

A good quality stainless steel saucepan that will be 1/3 full or less with 500ml of oil (this is a very important safety consideration due to the boiling oil)

A stainless steel colinder

Some sea salt

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