- Hair spray
- Hair Tie
- Mia "Bend A Bun"
- Bobby Pins

Step 1:

1.  Volume (Optional)

For extra volume, tease hair at the crown and sides of head.

Step 2:

2. Smooth teased hair out and flip head over to bring hair into ponytail.

* Bumps are okay in order to create a "messy" look 

Step 3:

3. Pull the hair through the Bend-A-Bun and tighten the Bend-A-Bun as close to shut at possible.  Roll the Bend-A-Bun downwards.

Step 4:

4.  Bend the ends of the Bend-A-Bun so that they meet and the entire Bend-A-Bun forms a circle.  Spread the hair out around the Bend-A-Bun.  Bobby pin the hair to close the gap and make the Bend-A-Bun unseen.  

Step 5: Perfect Bun in 5 Minutes

5. Curl some wispy hairs at the front with a straightener then hairspray!
beautiful and inspiring. well done.

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