Perfect Cookies Every Time (Baking Tip)


Introduction: Perfect Cookies Every Time (Baking Tip)

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I know a lot of people already do this, but I'm always surprised by how many people have no idea that you can do this, so here goes.

Using parchment paper to bake the cookies is easy, safe (and food-grade!), and is my favorite cookie-baking trick.

Parchment paper allows you to be more precise in baking cookies, because you can remove them all from the pan at the same moment. Plus, you can make more cookies faster, which is never a bad thing.

A note: Some people use brown paper, but parchment has a longer life, so I prefer it over paper.

Step 1: What to Do

All you need to do is cut some parchment paper that will fit on the cookie sheet you're using. Put the dough on the parchment like you normally would. The difference here comes when you pull it out of the oven. Wait until the cookies are exactly the texture/color/whatever that you want. Pull the pan out of the oven, and slip the parchment paper with the cookies on it onto a dry surface.

Step 2: How Is This Different From the Way I Normally Bake Cookies?

Well, with this method the cookies stop baking the very second you slide the parchment off the pan. Without parchment paper they keep baking, even if it's just a little, until they're off of the pan. Typically you have to wait until the cookies are crispy enough so you don't destroy them when you take them off the pan. This way you can take them out of the oven even when they're still moist and chewy on the bottom. Granted, not everyone likes soft cookies, but that's just one advantage to baking with parchment.

For people like me, being able to remove all the cookies at once saves me a lot of frustration, probably because of simply knowing that all the cookies will be the same (There's some of my geek-ish OCD tendencies showing through again, oh my.).
Not to mention, sliding them all off at once saves a lot of time, which is definitely good when you're trying to make hundreds of cookies at a time.

Step 3: What Now?

Roll up that parchment and enjoy your perfect cookies! The great part about using parchment is that the paper is re-usable. Stick it away and use it again next time. I re-use it until it literally falls apart.





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    We baked coconut macaroons on parchment paper and it stuck to the cookies. We tried peeling off the paper from the bottom but can't get off all the paper. Any suggestions how to save the cookies? Urgent.



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    In Europe 'parchment paper' is more popularly known as 'grease-proof paper' the kind that they wrap around fish 'n chips. Hope this helps.

    I'm pretty sure grease-proof paper is what we in the US call wax paper. This is not parchment, and from what I understand has a tendency to catch on fire in the oven (though I've not tried it myself)

    I'm actually in the US. However, I get it now..

    Parchment paper is KINDA like wax paper but COMPLETELY different (If that makes any sense!) Wax paper has a very thin wax coating on it and you SHOULD NOT bake with it, it will transfer the wax directly to what you are baking and the paper may do something funky under the heat... Parchment is a really cool 'tool' when baking and freezing. You'll find it by the plastic wrap in the grocery. Dont know the exact schematics and make up of parchment...cept it works great.

    u know i use parchment for none cooking reasons, b/c i never knew what is was for. this is a great idea b/c i do leave the cookie on the pan and the edges get more crispy than i like. thanks for the perfect cookie tip.