Perfect, Crispy Bacon, Easy, Every Time!

Picture of Perfect, Crispy Bacon, Easy, Every Time!
In this Awesome Instructable, I will show you how to make perfect, crispy bacon, every time, with less the mess and work.

Step 1: Place your pork

Picture of Place your pork
Step 1 is simple. Place your swine on to 1 or 2 cookie sheets depending on the amount of bacon and this size of your cookie sheets. Then put that silly pork in the oven which has been preheated to 350 degrees of bacon loving heat.

The ladys have been to my house and have said that my cookie sheet is huge. True story.
egladwell11 months ago

I love the way this is written, who knew cooking bacon could make you so awesome. I think I will adopt the nickname awesome possum.

Russ.R3 years ago
Line cookie pan/sheet first with non stick cooking 'Parchment Paper' for oven cooking...you will never have a sticking problem & pan will always clean up easily once grease is poured off!!
=SMART=7 years ago
ewwww that bacon is 99% fat thats horrible! in england our bacon is 90% meat and you can buy trimmed bacon which has virtually no fat on it at all, look at the picture below, thats how it should be, its very tasty and ALOT healthier than those fat strips eaten in america Kiteman will back me up on this :D

You English ... still so competitive after all this time.  The 'bacon' you eat is called 'ham' in this country, although not because it is actual ham.  Furthermore, presuming your 'bacon' is still pork, albeit lower in saturated fat, it is not as you say 'ALOT' (must be an English word) healthier because they both are still high in saturated fat.

Well...saturated fat is not anywhere near as unhealthy as 'a lot' of people tend to believe it is. In balanced amounts (relative to other fats, mono- and poly-unsaturated) it's an important nutrient. What you have to watch out for are the TRANSfats, which are a manufactured product and genuinely unhealthy.
shmacky26 (author)  =SMART=7 years ago
Don't get me started on England, politicians wearing womens wigs, security gaurds that don't move, (that's effective), kings, queens, and knights??? WTF? You people are like a walking deck of cards. Don't bring your bacon talk here GOVNA! PS, If you refer to American bacon as crap once more, I may have to bring up WWII, and trust me, you don't want that...
For a start, our politicians don't wear wigs, it's our judges who do that (bunch of skirt wearing cross-dressers too). Our security guards may not move (at least the royal guard's) but the reason they wear such tall hats is to hide the mini mp5's and p90's under them. We haven't had a King for 60 years, and what's wrong with being a knight? Knights are cool. As for WWII, At least we fought from begining to end and didn't just jump in halfway through (or quit after 5 minutes like the cheese-eating surrender-monkeys). And your bacon is crap, nothing beats oak-smoked wiltshire-cured, gloucester old spot back bacon.
I have to admit, this back bacon with all the other words in front of it sounds pretty damn good to this american. Can you believe that we bred our pigs to be lean?! You can't even get pork in america in most places that are like you could 30 years ago.
shmacky26 (author)  shmacky267 years ago
Knights are not cool. Sword fighting went out with candlelight. Do you know who is a knight? I'll tell you, Elton John. That's right, you knight fruit loops. If Elton John is a knight then you may now consider me Robo Cop. I kind of like the spin on that anyway.
Haha your comment just made my day!
jaysbob =SMART=7 years ago
we have that style here, its just called Canadian bacon.
=SMART= jaysbob7 years ago
great ! i think it tastes bette anyway, you cant make a bacon sandwich with super thin crap bacon!
Yes. Yes you can. "Canadian" bacon is a salty mess that I would never allow to grace my BLT.
what?? how can meat be salty unless you add salt? i dont add any salt and i'd rather have a meat filled BLT than a BLT with just strips of fat
shmacky26 (author)  =SMART=7 years ago
How do you think it's cured? With Pixie dust?
DING DING DING We have a winner!
yea me, because anyone who eats fat strips like that will die 10 years younger
This my friend is a bacon sandwich.
shmacky26 (author)  andyhuntdesigns7 years ago
NO that'a not, that an unhealthy pile of dungarooski. Throw that on wheat bread, take about 2/3 of that bacon off, add a fresh tomato or somekind of veggie and some light mayo, now that's a samich. Whatcha got there buddy is a pile of meat on white bread. More fat, less meat. Flat=Flavor, which is what makes Delmonico steaks the tastiest.
Now get outta here with your bacon pile. Silly dogboy.
That bacon is completely different to the bacon shmacky26 used in this 'ible
that actually has visible meat, i can see the meat. that looks tasty - shmacky26's green/yellow fat strips are poor quality and meat-less
yet bacon is very high in fat, but thats what makes it taste good, ever notice that french fries are only good when fried, not baked, thats cuz the fat makes them taste extra good, same goes for bacon, just eat it in moderation and get lots of exersise, if a little fat like that is a problem then u need to be more active lol
shmacky26 (author)  hedgiehog7 years ago
You are absolutely correct Sonic. Pay no attention to our Atlantic Neighbors. Let's just thank them for the Beatles, that's really the only thing they've been good for.
lol sonic, yeh they dont know bacon, they only have one kind! mmm back bacon (aka canadian bacon) personally i only like the beatles because they inspired lots of other music.
You brits have bacon like ours too. It's called back bacon. I envy places of the world that have more than just the 3 varieties we can find in america. The brits have upward of 10, if I'm not mistaken. Besides, real men buy whole pork bellies and make the bacon themselves. (I'm working on an instructible for that.)
man ray6 years ago
eew it doesn't look right
shmacky26 (author)  man ray6 years ago
You don't want me to retort Man Ray. When you speak ill of bacon, you speak ill of me. Tread lightly son.
wow wow wow man calm down......  but it still look gross
xana man ray5 years ago
its the lighting of the photo
 something wrong with you boy...
Capt. Kidd5 years ago
just what the world needs...
adlabens6 years ago
I worked at a major hotel & we did it a similar way - only we cooked many pounds of bacon at a time (sometimes catering for 300+). The difference was that we used cookie cooling racks inside the pans after we lined them with foil. I do this at home, now. Cleanup consists of throwing the sheet-pan liner (the foil) in the trash, and tossing the rack in the dishwasher where it takes virtually no room (because it doesn't block the spray). And, we don't even have to wipe the sheet pan. Plus, there's no turning since it's got hot air circulating on both top & bottom of each slice, and it doesn't cook in it's own fat so there's even less (virtually none) draining/blotting the fat from the cooked slices. I cook mine at 400 degrees & it takes about 10-15 minutes (in a pre-heated oven, depending on thermostat accuracy) to cook it to the perfect desired degree of doneness, and no turning, blotting, or other time wasting activities. When I do this, I usually cook a couple of pounds of bacon , and use some of the extra in a cheese spread I make (cream cheese, xtra sharp smokey cheddar, green onions & chopped serranos). We LOVE bacon, and this is the most efficient use of our time. You, your awesomeness, on the other hand, may prefer to cook the bacon in it's own grease & spend the time necessary to turn each slice a couple of times, blot the bacon with paper towels, and stuff a whole sheet pan into the dishwasher (taking up space that would otherwise clean several other dishes).
I'm glad someone mentioned the cooling rack alternative. The other advantage of the sheet pan method is harvesting the bacon grease for later. Just pour it in a jar and use it for other good things! (You don't even really have to refrigerate it either, but I do).
Subvert Subvert6 years ago
Oh, and I forgot to mention... The cooling rack method doesn't really decrease the lovely fat still in the bacon. Your cooking time determines that. It just eliminates the flip, and I think makes the bacon a bit more uniform.
shmacky26 (author)  adlabens6 years ago
You are well versed in restaurant bacon. But I must retort. I don't blot the bacon, I strain it and then recycle the fat in a composter, also, My high capacity, eco friendly energy efficient dishwasher doesn't have any space issues. We could cook bacon all day long doing naked bacon dances and still not use anymore soap or water than we would anyway. Also, I like the sound of that, your awesomeness. You should continue to refer to me as that. Infact, everyone should. That is of course that someone doesn't declare shananigans, then, by rule, a Do Over is in order. Now, ... Your It! No Givesees!
The compost will benefit greatly from an absence of meant & meat bi-products. The little critters that take the vegetable stuff and turn it into fertile dirt do not fare so well from meats and/or meat bi-products. In fact, there is much debate about even using eggshells in the composter (or compost bins, piles, etc.) because of the high protein count in the egg that remains in the shell when it's discarded to the compost bin - even tho it's generally accepted that the calcium in the egg shell is quite beneficial to the dirt being created. Plus, the meat & meat bi-products tend to attract unwanted varieties of bugs that actually detract from the fertility of the dirt being created. In fact, finding an alternate method of discarding such meat bi-products as bacon fat will greatly improve the potency of your resulting compost.
shmacky26 (author)  adlabens6 years ago
Also, If your trying to add calcium to your tomatoe plants, skip the egg shells and try some epsom salt, it invites vigorous plant growth as well.
shmacky26 (author)  adlabens6 years ago
You are correct Osama Adlabens. Had I known this would turn into a composting discussion, I would have noted that it doesn't go into my vegetable garden compost bin, but a secondary pile that is for just such products and oils that are not beneficial for rich compost. I don't like to discard things to the garbage company that I can discard myself. My guess is that racoons probably come up at night and eat it as well. It's in the woods so I care not, in fact, I hope they have a party.
Gloom6 years ago
i like how this guy thinks.
Saida336 years ago
A year later and I still follow your rules on perfect swine. This (chew) BLT is so delciousoddsaddfgeurwaer.
I want to see the clock that measures time in units of awesome, that would be AWESOME!
shmacky26 (author)  St Animal Army6 years ago
I will post that soon...
perryperth6 years ago
Bacon - just right for so many occasions. Thanks for this. Perfect bacon indeed... and easy... and amusing. Peace, - Pablo
patmac6 years ago
I have never cooked bacon this way but I was having 15 people for brunch so I tried it. I made the bacon the day before, put it in the fridge and stuck it in the oven to warm before eating. I worked great! I even got a thank you card and a chocolate covered bacon bar because it was so tasty. Easy too! Thanks.
shmacky26 (author)  patmac6 years ago
Ahhh bacon parties. I remember my younger days when we had bacon block parties. I'm glad it worked and I would even venture further to predict that your party, was truly, AWESOME.
Twlight6 years ago
An even faster more crispy way to have your bacon, is to deep fry it (takes 5 minutes at the most). But thats not for recreational use bacon, Its for full on jonesin bacon. Its what a lot of restaurants do for bacon bits, or if your ticket is late. Otherwise the oven is the supreme bacon cooking device.
compwalla7 years ago
I make bacon in the oven but I lay the bacon out on cooling racks and set the cooling racks inside the cookie sheets. That way a lot of the bacon fat renders off and the bacon is less greasy. And you can save the rendered fat to flavor other dishes.
shmacky26 (author)  compwalla7 years ago
A few people have mentioned that, but I refuse to try it. I have no plausable reason not too, but when I really really think about it, I just don't care.
Cotb shmacky267 years ago
How about if we remove the "less greasy" argument and point out that when you use the cooling rack in the cookie sheet the bacon cooks on both sides without the need to flip. You could be better using the time you spend flipping bacon by letting others bask in your awesome.
shmacky26 (author)  Cotb7 years ago
I'm not gonna lie, life on planet awesome is, well, awesome. Now if I could get all these naked ladies out of my living room I'd have time to count my pile of money. I lost my train of thought. OH LOOK, A PUPPY! WOO HOO ~moon walking~
swedeheart7 years ago
Shmacky, love.your.humor. Very enjoyable instructable. Thanks! :)
shmacky26 (author)  swedeheart7 years ago
Thank you SwedePie. You are far too kind...I would love to chat, but underneath these normal clothes I am about to rip off, I have a Superman like suit that I'm about to disclose to the public which has an A instead of an S on it. Do you know what that A stands for??? Oh who am I kidding, we all know!
Interesting Fact: Bacon is actually considered a "Fat" than a meat.
hahaha no im not english, im asian. but u make me laugh! Thx 4 the comment.
shmacky26 (author)  MakerBreaker7 years ago
That's a big Ten four MakerBreaker over and out. Bacon is considered a fat. It's delicious and tasty because of the fat. If we wanted meat, we would eat pork chops. I hope those English dolts from earlier are reading your words of wisdom, of course that is assuming that you are not English. If you are by some chance English, It would proper if you invite me over for some tea and scrumpets.
pinkcamo7 years ago
I'll try this recipe, but have you ever tried to cook bacon in the microwave in between sheets of paper towels? (4-5 underneath, 1 sheet on top). A lot less dishes or pan washing (using a paper plate) and "light", crispy as you want, and less oily. Just a suggestion in case you haven't tried this. :)
shmacky26 (author)  pinkcamo7 years ago
I hope you know I'm just joking, (probably not), but please remember this, if you are kind to bacon, bacon will be kind to you. Now go and spread the word. Good Day Madam, (sorry about the sir)(not really)
I don't lay the bacon right on the microwave surface ya goof. I said I put it on a PAPER plate, and I don't wash paper plates. No, you don't need to try this method at all-ever, your method is so perfect for you. No one can possibly have a better plan than yours because its your life and you are ... 31 now. You're also so green that you probably only use your computer 18 minutes per day so as to not leak dangerous emissions into the atmosphere. Good for you for helping to save the environment, and good for you for being true to yourself. Enjoy your life, this conversation is over. I mean this in the nicest way!! :)
shmacky26 (author)  pinkcamo7 years ago
Pinkerton, You are very kind in your words, but unfortunately, your bacon methods are very 1980, I'm guessing your wardrobe is also, but that's a different story that starts with me being awesome, and well, ends with me being awesome. By the way, I ALWAYS get the last word. Stubborness is a son of Awesome.
Something tells me you're a big fan of Maddox...
shmacky26 (author)  pinkcamo7 years ago
Did you say Microwave? I am flabbergasted that you would do that to bacon. How dare you. I have neither the time nor the inclanation to entertain the thought of all the work that goes into raising a pig and the process, work, and shipping that goes into making bacon for some heartless SOB to just put it in the microwave and blast that sweet, sweet swine with radiation. This conversation is over. Good day sir.
Schmackkkkkkyyyyy... try the microwave, then come talk to me. Better, cleaner, crispy-light (you'll know when you try it), and less greasy! Oh... and one important thing... less cooking time. 5-7 minutes approximately for 12-15 slices, as oppose to ugggh TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES and washing pans!
shmacky26 (author)  pinkcamo7 years ago
Ahhhh my dear, I do not need to try, I did this when I was 10, I am now 31 years of awesome age. And washing pans? What do you put it directly on the microwave surface? We are both washing my friend, the only difference is that I am cooking with 99.9% clean natural gas and then putting my pans in my eco friendly efficient dishwasher. I appreciate your thoughts stinky pinky, (not really),(I know you love it when I do that), but exnay on icrowavemay inkpay.
ijius7 years ago
yeh 350 is good. draining grease is a must as far as i am concerened. i have cooked bacon over the broiler ( you have to watch it more closely..but faster and just as goood!if your significant other sleeps in when she's tired you can cook it at say 250 deg far and just finish it off when she gets up. if it's more than an hour you still should check it untill the desired amount of crispiness is achieved. note if you don't drain your pan you can extend your cooking time. when you drain your fat it becomes chrisper faster.basically you can cook your bacon anyway you want as lonk as you watch. thus after many cookings at various temps you can acieve what you want.. note: i was informed once that some people don't like their bacon chrisp????????????anyway buy this time and many pigs under your belly you will be able to accomodate anyone's taste///except for the pig's of course! etc.. ad nauseum.........
shmacky26 (author)  ijius7 years ago
You typed a lot there. I bet your fingers got tired. I really don't know what you said because half way through reading it I realized that I was thinking about unicorns and not what you wrote. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.
ROFL the same thing happened to me!
lol me too
ijius shmacky267 years ago
hummmmm! unicorn bacon tasty.........
You can do the exact same thing in a microwave in 3 minutes. NOW WHO'S AWESOME? seriously, I make my bacon the same way when I break out of the laziness of using the microwave. I hate microwaves, but with bacon it really leaves almost no difference. You do get a hell of a lot more grease out of this method, tho, which is great if you're like me and save the grease for cooking stuff.
daviddd7 years ago
Looks good. Next time we have bacon, i'll give it a try (:
shmacky26 (author)  daviddd7 years ago
Good luck to you Stuttering David, Enjoy your adventures in bacon. They only get better...
sanemadman7 years ago
I've done this before, but I've placed the bacon on the rack and lined a cookie sheet with foil to catch the drippings - this results in a more crispy bacon (which I prefer) - Great Instructable!
shmacky26 (author)  sanemadman7 years ago
Ahh yes, I can see the bacon being less greasy and crispier, BUT, you will now have to clean your oven rack. Unless you enjoy that kind of clean up, I'm not sure that it would be worth it, Kind of like puncing that huge dude at the other end of the bar because he looked at you funny,(he had it coming).
Generally, I just set my oven to self-clean if there is much of a mess, which surprisingly, there is not. Besides, I'm a non-violent carnivore... ha!
dwalk517 years ago
Nice instructable, but to be honest, I cook my bacon in the frying pan. Much better IMO. I don't have to have straight bacon, as long is its cooked just right. And when its on the frying pan, you can weigh down the bacon with something heavy and flat (like an old iron) and then you can have flat bacon that way too. I just prefer fryed bacon.
shmacky26 (author)  dwalk517 years ago
If you think about it **pausing and reflecting** Either way it is fried in it's own fat. Both ways you are cooking it in a metal pan, in it's own fat, with heat applied to it, the only difference is perhaps the speed that it cooks which is directly corrolated to the temp that it's cooked at. My solution merely is less work and less mess because the grease isn't splattering all up in your sh**. And let's be honest, no one likes hot grease in their face. Now boobies, everyone likes boobies, but that's neither here nor there. I value your opinion,(not really), but since I cook bacon soley for samiches, I prefer it pretty and flat, like my men, WOMEN, I SAID WOMEN!
Did some one mention boobies and bacon in the same paragraph? There could only be one thing to make the paragraph perfect. The addition of beer. Thats right; beer, bacon, and boobies. A perfect combination for any evening.
shmacky26 (author)  depayton7 years ago
This is a true statement, for there is no greater combination of anything in all of the land. If everyone on earth had Boobies, Bacon, and Beer, there would be peace throughout the world.
We should raise money to buy boobies,beer, and bacon to ship to third world countries. Thats part of the afgans problem. There is a lack of beer, boobies, and bacon.
shmacky26 (author)  depayton7 years ago
I completely agree, In the middle east, the ladies cover up everything but their eyes, NO BOOBIES, they do not drink, NO BEER, and Muslims do not eat port, NO BACON, plus, all they have is sand. If I lived in a world with no Boobies, no Bacon, no Beer, and I had to sit around all day sucking sand, I too would blow myself up. Hooray for Boobies.
dude, wtf. awkward comment...
shmacky26 (author)  dwalk517 years ago
I hope I didn't make you feel uncomfortable Dwalker ranger, wait a second, I'm over it now...
KryptoTSD7 years ago
That looks better than the way we do bacon at my place. We get it good and greasy in the frying pan, not to mention fattening and heart stupid. Your way looks good, especially if you have a convection oven....
shmacky26 (author)  KryptoTSD7 years ago
I really don't think that it's any healthier than in the pan, I think the key to Bacon health is to make sure you eat your bacon with veggies and something with fiber in it. A well balanced meal. Most like to cook their eggs and potatoes in the bacon grease, just not good for you. Then again, I drank about 50 beers this week, so what the hell do I know. The good part about drinking 50 beers for me though, I don't get drunk, I get awesome.
Okay. I agree with you on that... I want to do this the next time we have bacon and eggs for either breakie or lunch... Thanks a bunch!
bustedit7 years ago
Nice & appetizing. Could you increase the temp to decrease the cook time, or is 350 the best for outcome? have you ever tried that boxed bacon that doesnt need refrig?
shmacky26 (author)  bustedit7 years ago
Although I can't say for sure, I would imagine bacon cooked on too high a temp in the oven would get awefully messy. I would recommend the best. However, Bacon is powerful enough that if you did put your oven on HIGH BROIL, you just may be able to generate the 1.21 jigawatts of power which makes time travel possible. I will see you in the future.
Excellent. If you could please provide some pics of the bacon generating 1.21 jig, I would appreciate it. I am having difficulty getting the same results, but perhaps it's the turkey bacon my wife made me buy. Turkey bacon. Turkey burgers. Turkey dogs. Turkey tacos. Turkey jerky.
uuhhh.... cannibalism is outlawed in the U.S.
Hmmm u calling me a turkey, turkey? Tell Polly Purebred she left her leash under my bed...again.
shmacky26 (author)  bustedit7 years ago
Geez, You must hate Thanksgiving, or your wife, but I can't say either for sure. I think it's the type of bacon that you are using. The only way to get garenteed results would be to put an actual live pig in your oven, but I'm not responsible for the outcome. Some scientist beleive this may the sole reason why some people spontaneouly combust. True Story.
tjt19577 years ago
cheers to you Mr. Shmacky26, cooking is an endeavor of higher intellect, even the lowly bacon strip must have it's proper respect ( besides I was having the proverbial bad day and you made me laugh, laughter too is a sign that we are above the poo throwing primates). Cheers also to those that made this Awesome site a reality.
another thing about cooking bacon in oven you need to drain it halfway through.
shmacky26 (author)  softspoken477 years ago
You are correct ghost whisperer, I didn't mention that as a step and I should have. I do drain it half way through almost everytime.
Drain the grease "nay" I say. Let those piggies swim in the pool until fully cooked.
I can't stop laughin at your Awesome measurements. Great instructable. Love the one liners and quirky references.
shmacky26 (author)  stustarkenberry7 years ago
Why thank you, if this was my job I'd be a millionare, but unfortunely I just collect cans. But let me tell you, I'm the best looking Hundredaire out there. (growling at the ladies)
Jonny2hats7 years ago
Damn this is the best instructable I've ever read
Screw the pig, I just want to keep reading shmacky's witty torts & retorts.
shmacky26 (author)  bustedit7 years ago
I appreciate your appreciation of my comments. People think this is fun, but it's actually hard work being this awesome. In addition, I'm going to be extremely nice to you because those glasses feel like they are staring directly into my soul.
Oh, they do stare into your soul, but it is like looking into the sun, so i can only endure wearing them for a few hours at a time. (i'll be posting an instructable on making Shmacky26 Soul Searching Spectacles later, for those interested) Keep up the good work!
shmacky26 (author)  bustedit7 years ago
Well do it quick before NASA confiscates them to build another hubble!
shmacky26 (author)  Jonny2hats7 years ago
(taking a bow) thank you, thank you, and by popular demand, they'll be more where that came from...
Cryptonat7 years ago
Quite frankly, I don't like your attitude. Otherwise: Great 'ible!
shmacky26 (author)  Cryptonat7 years ago
Quite Frankly, I don't like your hat. My instructable wasn't great my head covered friend....it was awesome.
Haha! Pure Jealousy.... Of the hat that is!
shmacky26 (author)  Cryptonat7 years ago
That is a sweet hat...if you're filming "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"! Me, why yes, I am a movie star, coincidentally, I just began filming "In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon".
greeze7 years ago
Excellent instructable. Not only did I get great bacon out of it, but I also got to pat your wife's beezer. Very niize!
shmacky26 (author)  greeze7 years ago
My gift to you...
killabwill7 years ago
nice plate
shmacky26 (author)  killabwill7 years ago
Thank you. It's the Naturewood pattern by Phaltzgraf. You can look it up in their catalog right on the inside cover. Everything is alphabetical, and those plates are AWESOME.
Alas, poor shmacky, not understanding that using a mesh cookie cooling rack neither leaves the bacon wrinkly nor striped will continue needlessly "fipping his bacon".... :-)... whilst I luxuriate in embraces of my sweet lady simply awaiting the cheery bing of the timer to announce the perfectly-timed awesomeness of my pork-fat delight. So sayeth Soulville, so soul food it be.
shmacky26 (author)  SoulvilleUSA7 years ago
Last time I rode on the soul train, Bacon wasn't on the menu. In fact, nothing awesome was on the menu. They were playing that rap music and some kids game with dominos. Now one quick question. Is it awesome here or is it just me? Oh it's me you say. I thought so.
nickels7 years ago
For an added bit of awesomeness, sprinkle some brown sugar over the bacon. You're welcome, chumps!
shmacky26 (author)  nickels7 years ago
If I wanted an added bit of mediocrity, I would have called you. Nobody ruins bacon with sugar. I award you no points and my God have mercy on your soul. Who's awesome??? oh you know...
You know what shmacky26, this guy was just trying to further people's enjoyment of bacon by offering a suggestion.
shmacky26 (author)  The Rocketizer7 years ago
Thank you for that information, I'm sure that he is happy to have received your moral support. Now if only that bike of yours had a basket and an alien, you wouldn't be reading about bacon, but flying in the moonlight.....
make it even easier for you... there are "cookie cooling racks" that fit right down inside your raised-edge cookie pan... no turning necessary... about 20min for a 400 deg f oven... drains a lot of excess fat off too.
shmacky26 (author)  SoulvilleUSA7 years ago
Yes, this is true, BUT you're bacon that was destined to be awesome is now wrinkly with cooling rack stripes, therefor rendering it not awesome at all.
cprocjr7 years ago
I cook bacon like this, but for even less mess I put down tinfoil so at the end instead of cleaning the pan I just have to throw the tinfoil away! once I ate 72 pieces of bacon in one day and didn't have the squirts. yumm!
shmacky26 (author)  cprocjr7 years ago
Good for you, the Green Apple Splatters aren't fun for anyone.
MedMisfit7 years ago
Bacon makes everything better. Nice work.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
This is exactly how I cook my bacon and it does come out great and with less mess. Not to mention flat,which is nice.
Jural7 years ago
It's a 4.0 for the attitude alone. Good stuff!