For many years, I was paying about 30 dollars a month to get my eyebrows groomed professionally at salons. When I did the math and realized that was 360+ dollars a year, I couldn't allow this wallet-massacre to keep happening. I invested in a few good pairs of tweezers and decided to groom my brows from that point forward.

In the following steps, I will describe how I retain a natural shape for my brow, and clean them up to get that salon look.

Step 1: Materials

I use the following items when shaping my brows:
  • Tweezers
    • broad tipped set
    • as well as fine tipped set (see photo)
  • Rubbing Alcohol and Cotton Pads (for occasional cleaning of tweezers)
  • Brow Pencil that matches your brow color
  • Brow Brush
  • Small Scissor
  • Highlight Pencil or White Eyeliner
  • Brow Gel
Thanks for the How-To! I just learned (after 60 yrs!) how to determine the natural eyebrow line: Scowl as hard as you can, and the indented fold is where your eyebrow should fall at the outer side of your eyes. Hope this is helpful. Also, eyebrow powder is subtle for filling in skimpy areas.
You lost me there on outer side of your eyes. Do you mean inner side of eyes? Shoot us a pic!
dont manipulate your body :[
Don't tell another human being what to do with their body. You are free to do what you please with yours, so you concentrate on that young man.
<p>Love the example pictures. First thing you would notice when they were on screen were those lovely exotic eyes crowned with beautiful crown for brow s. kinda of their trade mark look. This is going to help me .. thanks. </p>
I do this the same way! That's super awesome.
Audrey quick! I'll hold her down! You pluck!<br> <br> <img src="https://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FO2/R268/H8LVX8ME/FO2R268H8LVX8ME.MEDIUM.jpg">
this picture is oddly spooky when it's so large, hahaha
Love it !! U look just like her
<p>very nice!!! hairspray works for wirey brows like mine! the gel is not strong enough for me. I'm working on an instructable, and plan to link to this one, I like it so much!!!</p>
<p>I actually changed my technique too! I use a brow brush with hair spray on it and then hit them with <a href="http://amzn.to/1JaClkk" target="_blank">brow powder</a> to set them. It works pretty good!</p>
Cool idea!!!
Haha! Eyebrows on fleek!
<p>Very good! Looks a lot better than the &quot;shaved and sharpie surprise&quot; eyebrows! Nice, natural look!</p>
Where do you find the white highlight pencil and clear brow gel? Thanks for the posting, very helpful.
I got both at SALLY Beauty Supply by my house. I am pretty sure they are a national chain.
Thanks. It seems there is a relatively close Sally Beauty here.
You might be able to find some at Sally's Beauty or somesuch.
Thanks. It seems there is a relatively close Sally Beauty here.
Thanks for posting this! This is very helpful for clueless persons such as myself!
Thanks a lot! I will try it out and let you know how it goes xD
Dang girl! Nice work. I have a legit unibrow (we're talking Frida Kahlo here) so I always pluck. I never knew about trimming. GONNA TRY IT FOR SURE.

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