Perfect for V-day: Add a Tattered Heart on Your Plain T!




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Introduction: Perfect for V-day: Add a Tattered Heart on Your Plain T!

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Feeling the love for Valentines? Express it by adding a tattered heart design on your shirt



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    i love the clothes that you make! ive been copying your style to make my own! i wanted a shirt to wear for st pats so i made this but i used a piece of green fabric and drew a shamrock on it. i used green thread so it would show on the black shirt i used and sewed along the shamrock outline. i then cut the back all up and tied the pieces together so its almost completely open. and i cut a few strips in the sleeves. it came out hot!

    Have you auditioned for Project Runway? If not, you need to.

    I´m definetly trying that, it looks really cool, thanks for sharing!.

    Creo que estoy enamorado...

    Super cute and your video makes it look easy.   I might have to give this project a try.  Thanks for sharing this with us!