Perfect Mascara With No Mess!





Introduction: Perfect Mascara With No Mess!

Hey guys! So I am gonna show u how to get perfect mascara with no mess!!

Step 1:

Ok to get perfect eyelashes you will be done thing... EXTRA LENGTH MASCARA!! The one I'm using is sheercover extra length mascara. This is my everyday mascara. I usually do like one or so coats but I'm gonna show u how to do a good night time look.

Step 2:

Ok so I forget to mention your gonna need a piece of napkin. This is to prevent getting mascara on your skin.

Step 3:

Ok so let's get started. This is a photo of my eyelashes before anything. My eyes are weird so yeah just saying.

Step 4:

Ok so first you want to get the napkin and put it right above your eyes. It's weird but just put it a little above your eyelashes

Step 5:

Step 5 is to just put mascara you can put as many coats as you want. I'm gonna put maybe about six coats. (In the pic I am not gonna have the napkin because it was hard to take a picture at the same time.) (I was listening to music so in this photo you see my headphones)

Step 6:

This is how my eyes look after mascara! I hope you guys like my instructable! If you try this make sure to send me a photo!! Bye!!!!



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    Sweet! whenever I try to put mascara on {my parents say no most of time} i'm helpless at it! thx so much! #FollowU

    No problem! Thanks for commenting

    Nice! I love any make up tutorial this beginner friendly! Thanks for sharing!