Perfect oven sweet potato fries

Picture of perfect oven sweet potato fries
I have perfected the art of the sweet potato fry. I've made them so many times that I have a very set formula for making them. I don't enjoy frying things, so I do mine in the oven. They're easy and tasty and go well with Cuban, Mexican and Indian food. :D

They're also good for holiday dinners. I just can't get on the "let's dump half a bag of brown sugar and some marshmallows into a pan with some sweet potatoes and maple syrup!" bandwagon. Sweet potatoes are sweet enough as is!

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Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of Supplies!
You will need:
  • one large sweet potato
  • sea salt (coarse)
  • freshly ground black pepper, chunky
  • good quality olive oil
  • a peeler (optional)
  • a sharp chef's knife
  • a cutting board
  • a large baking sheet (not pictured)
This recipe takes about a half hour to make, and one large sweet potato can serve 2-3 people if it's a side. Or sometimes I'll eat a whole one by myself if I've had nothing else to eat that day.

Step 2: Preheat the oven and prep the sweet potato!

Picture of Preheat the oven and prep the sweet potato!
Set the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can either peel the potato or leave the skin on - lately I leave it on every time. It adds nutrition and a nice chewy texture. :D

I don't worry about washing it, normally, but you can rinse it in the sink as long as you promise me you'll dry it off very, very well. If it's still wet the olive oil won't coat the fries as well, which will lead to soggy fries. And then you'll be disappointed with the fries and I'll be disappointed with you. :(

If your sweet potato has skinny ends, cut those off.

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Yummy~! You rock! Instructions easy to follow and easy to make. I only had problems with those that were too close to the others . . . I made a ton of them; so it was really hard to keep them apart. Thanks for the recipe!

Glorgana made it!9 days ago
good stuff! these went great with leftover goat cheese and artichoke dip.
andrealreed10 days ago

Worked great the first time! Awesome recipe with great, easy to follow instructions.

faffyawad25 days ago
This are amazing instructions!!! Thank you. And Jessyratfink.....these are enough action shots. Thanks :)
Kareenad1231 month ago

Sweet potato is my favorite dish. Let me try this once.

LexiM1 month ago

These pictures got me hungry

DiskL1 month ago

Thanks for this great recipe, I tried to follow it exactly since I never made anything like this before, and they turned out very tasty. According to someone who should know they tasted just like home...

Carlalala2 months ago

these are great with thai spicy peanut sauce

Trying that tonight!!!! YUM! Thanks for the great idea!

Bangkok Padang with the black label is nice. Pretty strong flavor, though, too much for some people. There are many variations of Peanut Sauce, I've found much milder ones for sale as well.

Fantastic I put chilli and garlic flakes from a grinder......on.mine.yummy

looks great hope one day i get to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!! ._.

jordan.newman2 months ago
Thank you for sharing this recipe! They turned out nice, both crispy and juicy. But I would recommend adding the oil and seasoning to the fries in a bowl to get a more even coating.
bellanonna532 months ago

If you put more than 1 baking sheet in the oven at a time, will they still crisp up?

DivineKatoure2 months ago

They did not come out as crunchy!! I know your dissappointed in me lol!

I don't know what happend- but there still good! Used truffle salt

CarrenaB4 months ago
emtron5004 months ago

Did this pretty much exactly as directed, except used avocado oil instead of olive oil, and held the salt until after cooking (I needed some of them unsalted so I could feed them to my baby). Worked great, super yummy! I covered them in chili and they stood up to it well (chili fries!). Making again for breakfast this morning :)

jbbreidenbach4 months ago

Thank you very much for a clear, surefire way to make sweet potato fries in the oven! I have tried at least 5 times with other recipes, but they came out soggy and too mushy. You gave great tips like dry them off and don't put them too close together. They came out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! My husband is in heaven!!

MichaelK85 months ago

I coated the cut fries with oil in a bowl. Coated them by hand and then laid them on the pan. Found that you had much more even coating using this method then drizzling.

biglabrat5 months ago

Boniatos frios! Bueno.

Brewer6 months ago
Thanks, gonna try it tonight ?
BukolaA6 months ago


Crow MerisA6 months ago

Excellent recipe - thank you!

TimberleeF7 months ago

I prefer to throw the fries in a large bowl, put the oil in, toss with the bowl then add a little salt and pepper, toss and repeat 3x. Coats them good and even!

mikolynn7 months ago

Close to 6 million people can now cock at the best way sweet potatoes!

Really amazing!

P.D. In spanish Sweet potatos are named Boniatos, wich sounds good! ;)

No_Limits9 months ago

Love sweet potato fries. I tried coconut oil mixed with some sugar and it was amazing. Nice instructable.

abender110 months ago

Thank you for this instructable. My niece just gave me a banana box full of sweet potatoes and I need all the ideas I can get. P.S. i thought i was the only person that uses their bare hands to flip fries in a hot oven.

chocolatechip11 months ago

Just wanted you to know that this is the most viewed instructable on the entire instructabales website! Congrats! Btw i love your account :)

hunter9991 year ago

Wow! These look great, and 5 mill views :-O Congratz on a outsanding achievement! :D

sparki611 year ago

We made these and the flavor was great but we suggest cutting wedges. Easier to flip and more uniform cooking. We found that adding more cook time left them crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

impied made it!1 year ago

Delicious! Even though my trusty assistant cut them in cubes instead of fries :)

darksb3r1 year ago

Tried these for the first time yesterday. I thought they turned out delicious. My 4 yr old really liked them as well. Any time I can bake instead of fry, I'm happy. Thanks for the instructable :)

Takelababy1 year ago

Try this same recipe using orange turnips. When hot sprinkle with parmesan cheese. It adds that extra yummy.

These look really good!! I'm going to give them a try tonight! Thanks!

Absolutely loved this recipe's simplicity and with just salt and pepper, it tastes amazing! Can't thank you enough. Cheers!
stigarea1 year ago
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I have been looking for the best Sweet Potato Fries recipe and this was PERFECT! I just finished making them and sprinkled some fresh Parmesan Cheese on top when it was finished and it was delicious! I will be saving a lot of money now! Thanks Again!
diana101 year ago
I wish I made more.
diana101 year ago
mine came out perfect! just like you said! it's the first time I ever made them - so glad I found your recipe. the only way this recipe can go wrong is if you don't stay in the kitchen for 10 minutes and keep your eye on them. wipe down your countertops or appliances meanwhile!
mhardy31 year ago
Mine came out black. 230 degrees Celsius, for 15 minutes was way too long/hot!
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