Step 5: Prefect Peach Pie Filling Recipe

3/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg (optional)
8 medium peaches (peeled and sliced)
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix together dry ingredients (flour, sugars, spices) in a large bowl. Stir in peaches and lemon juice.

Add more peaches if desired. Adjust sugar as needed.
<p>I made it and it was delicious! I never knew how easy it was to make a crust! I will never buy store bought shells again! Making it today for Memorial Day.</p>
Loved the detailed instructions and pictures, and simple ingredients :) I made it in 4 ramekins, since it's just my husband and I, this way we can freeze them and just take out a portion at a time. Cooked for 25 minutes, turned out beautifully!!!
Fantastic. The crust consistently turns out very well.
How many pies does this make?
My first time baking pies for thanksgiving and I was really skeptical about the crust, but it turned out really great. The crust was the easy part!
Happy it all turn out well...can't say my first attempts at pie crusts were the best. Thanks for the comment
I'm making this pie today for the second time, and it's really the best pie I've ever tasted.. I'm from Holland and over here we don't know this gooey jummie delicious pies, and everyone who has tasted it, loved it.. So I just want to say thanks for sharing this great amazing recipe with us..
Glad you enjoyed it....thanks for the comment.
Two last questions before plunging in the never-turn-back world of peach pie making: How much would those 8 peaches wheight, on average? Would using canned peaches be ok? Thanks again for everything, and congratulations on the win.
-My original recipe states that 2 (29 0z) cans of peaches (drained) can be substituted for the fresh peaches. Try it and see, I've always used fresh. -Not sure on the weight........remember that depending on how full you like your pie filling to be, you can use anywhere from 6 - 12 peaches in a pie! (Maybe even more.....???) -Try Canida's suggestion and add a little ginger--sounds like it'd be great! Let me know how it goes. And I promise, in the pie making world practice makes perfect!
:(<br/><br/>Why must you tease me so? Presenting such a delicious, mouthwatering pie, knowing I can't have any?<br/><br/><sub>*Grumbles about not being there to eat it, watery mouth, and growling stomach.*</sub><br/>
Ah, but look at it this way.........Feed a man a piece of pie, make him happy today. Teach him how to make pie, make him happy for a lifetime!
Wise words indeed!
Voting starts tomorrow!
Good thing I found an internet cafe! *Sips hot chocolate.* <br/>
What! No pie!
Actually, the place I'm at <em>specializes</em> in pie. I have a different piece of pie every time I come here! I'm actually eating pie right now! :D<br/><br/>Congrats on the win!<br/>
Thanks..........if you find a really good one, ask for the recipe!
i am so very happy right now! now to make my mom bake that pie...
Just offer to peel and slice the peaches......I love it when LinuxH4x0r and Tuxgirl help out.....
wow they're actually your kids?
Wow, they are, aren't they? Children, it's almost time for blueberry pie!
yay, pie!<br/>=( ,but not for me...<br/>
A vote would be greatly appreciated!
Mmm! Looks tasty! The filling looks like it kinda fell apart, though. Have you tried adding something like petcin or even cornstarch to try to keep it solid? Still, I bet it tastes really awesome!
Don't forget to vote!
Thanks for the comment. It does that when it's fresh from the oven....it does set up better when cool. Think Grandma, (not Bakers Square)....warm, gooey, yummy comfort food!
Hmm, I wonder if DHL ships refrigerated? I wish I was there! Not bad, but next time turn on all the lights (living, dining, and kitchen) and turn off the flash. You'll get the hang of it pretty soon (I've never used my minolta's flash)
It's so much easier when you're here.......... But it just makes me wonder how pies they make for a photo shoot for Gourmet magazine!
I'll show you how to take perfect pie pictures if you make me one when I get back.
Tell you what, son, when you come back I"ll make you a pie and we can post it, too!!! What's your craving....blueberry, apple, cherry or perhaps a Boston Cream Pie........??????
Are you looking to adopt a few extra kids? I may need to add my name to the waiting list. ;)
I love kids.........I was once called someone's "American Mom".........perhaps I could be your "instructable mom"???
i want instructable pie!
*puppy eyes* Please! I'd love to be eric's bro
How'd I know this was coming. LOL
Any assistance in winning that Pie and Pastry Bible would be appreciated! Mom needs some new recipes!!
Yes, yes, yes, yes! All of them!
I voted, I think you owe me something in return if you catch my drift....
Ah, but did you spam for your mom! And what about Tuxgirl?<br/>P.S. I'll be baking <strong>JUST FOR YOU </strong>on Thursday! But what to put in it.......<br/>
Ummm, thats not a nice word to use, besides I got lots of negative feedback on my comments in the chat room.<br/>You know her password!<br/><br/><h2>blueberries!</h2>not many blackberries at the bagh this year :'(<br/>
Forgive me? *hangs head in shame while licking pie filling off fingers* The pie will have to stand on its own merits! By the way, despite the fact Tuxgirl and I share a few girl secrets, <em>she does her own voting</em>!<br/>
Thanks for the wonderful recipe, I'll be sure to try it as soon as possible, and anxiously wait for the next one. Thanks again, Arthur
Voting starts tomorrow.....any help would be appreciated, a new cookbook might lead to a new instructible :-)
You didn't had to mention the possibility of a new instructedible to get my vote. Now I can hardly wait for that... Good luck with the contest, though I'm pretty sure I'll be reading this new recipe soon!
Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for commenting.
Mmm, mmm you got the crust just the way I like it - flakey. I will most definitely try your recipe, I like trying out new things. I agree with you that the only way to make a perfect pie is to make the pie crust from scratch. Yes, getting a pie crust to be that perfect flakey texture does take a little practice - but then you know, any excuse to make LOTS of pies. Your peach filling looks absolutely scrummy, I like its runny gooeyness - pie heaven.
Don't forget the voting starts tomorrow....your vote would be peachy!
Thanks....just remember icy cold water! Hope you're in pie heaven soon!!

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