Picture of Perfect Pulled Pork
I have been doing a lot of barbecuing over the last few years, with excellent results.  People always ask what my secret is for perfect ribs, brisket, and pulled pork.

This Instructable will cover my technique for pulled pork.  The methods are similar for brisket and ribs as well.

The smoker that I'm using in this Instructable is a Traeger pellet grill, but the cooking and preparation are the same regardless of smoker type.  I also smoke with charcoal with Weber Smokey Mountain, and a Weber kettle grill with a Smokenator attachment.

Just remember - low and slow.  Low temperature cooking for a long period of time!
SpringRobin2 years ago
Do you add any sauce afterwards or just serve it as is? omg that looks good!
meikj (author)  SpringRobin2 years ago
I like to have the sauce on the side, so you can taste the meat's smoky goodness!
a_martin0012 years ago
This is fantastic! I would love to try this i just need a little more info:

How and when do you add more coal? If I use smoking chips, when and how many should I add?

meikj (author)  a_martin0012 years ago
Thanks for the compliments. For coal/wood management, that's a whole Instructable in itself! Do a web search for "Minion method" for some good details.

In this Instructable, I am using a Traeger pellet grill, so it automatically manages the fire and smoke.

I will do another in the future with a Weber grill and charcoal.
mmm sounds great! slow-cooked meat is fantastic
Oh wow - that looks fantastic :D