Step 6: Assembly (3 of 3): Adjustable Top

Picture of Assembly (3 of 3): Adjustable Top
The Top Assembly:

First, attach the bottom with the supports with 2 1/2 inch wood screws (recommended to pre-drill the holes).  I put 2 screws in each side.  See the picture for how I used clamps to keep it all in place.

Next, slide those pieces into place and clamp the Top of the 'Top Assembly' to the rest of the saw horse while also clamping the Top Supports so they don't move while drilling holes through the Top.

(See the pictures for more detail)
paulbsa3 years ago
Good design, but it looks like this would be extremely heavy. Great for fixed use in a woodshop, but I would hate to have to continually carry these around to job sites. I wonder if some of the 2X lumber could be replaced with 1X. I agree about using bolts and nuts in place of the wood dowels and pins. You could also use something like a hitch pin from a trailer that would be secure but easily removable.
pbates1233 years ago
Wow Great design Lofty Duck!! I see this is has been here for awhile although I just saw it. I want to make a couple for myself and maybe even a couple for a gift!

I had a couple of thoughts. Not having built a set yet it seems it maybe a bit wobbly once it is extended past the lower brace. If you were to route a dado on the inside of the legs say ~1/2in. wide and deep facing toward the slide on both sides, and on the slide near the bottom maybe an inch up drill a 1/2in. hole and insert a short piece of dowel. It would ride in the dado and help stabilize top assembly.

Also adding a couple of heavy duty hinges would allow the legs to fold up for more compact storage - might have to do a little engineering to make sure that add-on is strong enough - just a thought!

Great design I like it!!
SIRJAMES093 years ago
yes, hex head bolts & fender washers would definitely be better than dowel rods...safer too I think. :0)
Tropics3 years ago
Looks like a terrific idea,but...some of the steps appear to be missing and I am unable to download the PDF. Thanks.