Perfect Fishtail Hairstyle





Introduction: Perfect Fishtail Hairstyle

An impressive hairstyle is one of the most important needs for a fashionable look. Presenting a new fish tail hairstyle! Suitable for many occasions, this hairstyle adds more charm to your appearance. Here's how to do it!

Step 1: Make Pony

Comb your hair thoroughly so that the tangles get removed. Make a neat high pony as shown.

Step 2: Make Fine Braid

Put another rubber band near the middle of the pony and divide the hair below it into three sections. Make a fine braid using these three sections.

Step 3: Final Look

Cut the second rubber band using scissors. Add some stylish hair accessories to adorn the hairdo.

The elegance of your looks is sure to go a few notches higher with this hairstyle! Going well for several occasions, this hairstyle does not take much of your time or effort. So what are you waiting for? Try it and sport a trendy look!



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