Perfect-fit Bath Plug (Made With Oogoo)





Introduction: Perfect-fit Bath Plug (Made With Oogoo)

I used Oogoo (Silicon I caulk + cornstarch) to mould a bath plug - fits perfectly and is watertight!

You should read the Oogoo instructable  ( ) if you haven't already.  It's an eye-opener!

Step 1: What You'll Need

  • Type I silicon caulk
  • Corn starch or 'Talc'
  • optional dye
  • mixing container
  • mixing stick

Step 2: Mix the Oogoo

I picked up some sample-sized cans of acrylic paint from Lowes (8oz) for a couple of dollars - that size will be more than you'll ever use for Oogoo projects.  Dispense enough caulk into a container (or plastic bag) and add a couple of tablespoons of Corn starch.  Talc also works because real talc is no longer sold due to toxicity problems - all talc on the market now is merely perfumed corn starch in a more expensive package.  Add a few drops of paint for colouring and mix well.  The colouring actually helps you know when the corn starch is well mixed in because when the colouring is even throughout, so is the starch.

Step 3: Shape the Plug

Once the Oogoo is semi-cured enough to roll into a ball without sticking to your hands, push the ball into your bath or sink and flatten it down.  You *could* insert something at this point to make a handle to pull the plug out when you're using it, but it's not really necessary.

Step 4: You're Done!

Before the plug is fully cured you *may* want to mark the top with some sort of indentation so that when you use it, it's aligned the same was as it was when it was formed, just in case your plug hole is not perfectly circular - this'll give you an even better fit.

Now have a seat for 15 minutes (if you're Oogoo was mixed properly) and remove the plug.  It should have firmed up into a stiff bouncy rubber, and be ready to use!



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    Great idea, elegant in its simplicity!

    Suggestion: thread a piece of drinking straw through the top so a chain, string, etc. can be used to hang it for storage.

    Yeah, I mean, "good morning underwear"?!? That sounds like something that should be flagged, not featured. It's not that I have a problem with those kind of instructables, but there should at least be an option to filter them out or an age restriction or somthing. My little sister is on this site, for goodness sake! Sorry, I needed to vent for a moment.

    I... I misread the title. The internet has ruined my brain.

    1 reply

    But... but... but... that's outrageous! :-)

    With some of the things that have been published on Instructables in the last year, I can understand your confusion. It's less of a kid-friendly place than it was for sure. Not an improvement in my opinion.


    Oh cool...I have not been able to find a stopper that works and I've been wanting to try this stuff. Now that I know that it won't "melt" when wet, I'm going to try this. Thanks Mikey77!

    1 reply

    I'm pleased to relate that after more than a year my plug is still in use ever day and working perfectly. However the "WAF" is low and I do recommend putting in some extra effort to make it look nice. Also it's so flush in my bath that sometimes it's a little tricky to get out again so I suggest embedding a loop of something in it to give you a handle to grip it by or attach a chain to.

    This is great! For years I've been searching for a drain plug for my kitchen sink that actually fits! This is perfect. OOH! I just got another idea for this stuff. I could mold a holder for my Iphone that fits the cupholder in my truck. Cool! And I just thought of other things that I could make molds for using this stuff!!!

    1 reply

    I took your suggestion and made an enclosure for my cell phone in the style of an Otterbox. Ugly as hell but it does now bounce nicely :-) (I wrapped the cell phone in clingwrap first. Be sure to mould plenty round the front as well to hold it in or it will fall out as the oogoo stretches a little larger than when it was applied)

    Ugly but functional...I can't see this catching on in sales and marketing but as a quick fix for an irritating leaky plug its a winner! :)

    1 reply

    True; I did consider trimming it up by cutting the base flat and making the top part a perfect circle by putting it in a medicine-bottle cap before it set, but I'm really not all that fussy about the aesthetics.