How do you get perfect hamburger patties every single time? With an even amount of meat, an even thickness and a perfect round shape?

Use the DVD-burger-press!

(Bonus recipy at the end)

Step 1: You Will Need:

A DVD-cake-box with a cm-high edge at the top.
A rolling pin.
Ground meat.
Baking sheet paper.

Start by cutting a strip of the paper. About 3 cm (1") wide.

Sorry for the delay. The last &quot;picture&quot; is a video of me flipping burgers. American dressing (http://www.kavli.se/wps/wcm/connect/se/Produkter/Tubdressing/Amerikansk+dressing) is mayonaise, diced pickled cucumber and tomato puree, or what you most likely would call &quot;Thousand island dressing&quot; or &quot;Russian dressing&quot;. However, my own suggestion here is to mix diced pickled cucumber, ajvar (pepper puree), and mayonaise.<br><br>Very glad you liked it. Keep on building on the shoulders of others.
what a cool idea ! I usually use a mayonaise lid if I don't free form the burger but this has the dimple already in the middle! Your idea with the paper strip means I wouldn't have to bang the lid on the counter to get each burger out, fantastic ! Unfortunately the last picture won't open for me so I don't know if that was your &quot;american dressing&quot; I'd like to know what that is. IMO the toppings for a burger are cheese, raw onion slice and ketchup (catsup) for the basic but you can build from there, tomato, bacon, my pepper relish ( https://www.instructables.com/id/Pepper-Relish-V303/ )

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