Picture of Perfect hamburgers - The DVD-burger-press
How do you get perfect hamburger patties every single time? With an even amount of meat, an even thickness and a perfect round shape?

Use the DVD-burger-press!

(Bonus recipy at the end)
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Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
A DVD-cake-box with a cm-high edge at the top.
A rolling pin.
Ground meat.
Baking sheet paper.

Start by cutting a strip of the paper. About 3 cm (1") wide.

Step 2: Prep the press

Picture of Prep the press
Fold the paper strip in a V-shape.

Let the point hang over the edge of the DVD-cake-box.

Put a ball of ground meat on top. (In my case about 125g/ a quarter pound was ok).

Press the pattie using the rolling pin.

Step 3: Position the patties

Picture of Position the patties
Flip the cake-box.

Press down on the "tab".

Peel off the cake-box.

Peel off the strip.

Step 4: Freezing

Picture of Freezing
Freeze the patties in singles. It is possible to put paper sheets in between each layer, but this will take longer to freeze.

When frozen, stack the patties in a suitable plastic bag and seal.

Note: This is suitable even if you are going to bbq them instantly. Frozen patties are easier to handle.

Step 5: Bonus: recipy

Perfect bbq hamburgers?

Use only ground meat. Add salt when cooking.

All condiments, seasoning etc. is cooked separately if needed and added when assembling.

My favourite is frozen patties, 50/50 pork/beef, broil over coals, assemble on a sesame bun with ketchup, salted cucumber slices, hamburger dressing (American hamburger dressing over here in Sweden, I guess it would be Canadian or European dressing in the USA), sliced red onion and a slice of tomato.

websten (author) 4 years ago
Sorry for the delay. The last "picture" is a video of me flipping burgers. American dressing (http://www.kavli.se/wps/wcm/connect/se/Produkter/Tubdressing/Amerikansk+dressing) is mayonaise, diced pickled cucumber and tomato puree, or what you most likely would call "Thousand island dressing" or "Russian dressing". However, my own suggestion here is to mix diced pickled cucumber, ajvar (pepper puree), and mayonaise.

Very glad you liked it. Keep on building on the shoulders of others.
l8nite4 years ago
what a cool idea ! I usually use a mayonaise lid if I don't free form the burger but this has the dimple already in the middle! Your idea with the paper strip means I wouldn't have to bang the lid on the counter to get each burger out, fantastic ! Unfortunately the last picture won't open for me so I don't know if that was your "american dressing" I'd like to know what that is. IMO the toppings for a burger are cheese, raw onion slice and ketchup (catsup) for the basic but you can build from there, tomato, bacon, my pepper relish ( http://www.instructables.com/id/Pepper-Relish-V303/ )