Soggy, under or overcooked, flat pancakes sound delicious right? ...Well not me! I hate getting my pancake cut in half when I flip it, having it lose all of its air, and cleaning afterwards. So why not get rid of all of these at once? With this instructable you can too!

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need is the basic necessities of pancakes, and a few extras
You will need:
-2 pans (size doesn't matter)
-Pancake mix (fresh or powdered)(I used powdered)
-Club Soda
-Whisk or fork
-Nonstick spray or grease
Or there's this new invention called "the spatula"....
I am going to flip it your way the very next time I make pancakes! I'll try the club soda the time after that. S'beautiful.

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