Perfectly Flipped Extra Fluffy Mess Free Pancakes!

Picture of Perfectly Flipped Extra Fluffy Mess Free Pancakes!
Soggy, under or overcooked, flat pancakes sound delicious right? ...Well not me! I hate getting my pancake cut in half when I flip it, having it lose all of its air, and cleaning afterwards. So why not get rid of all of these at once? With this instructable you can too!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What you'll need is the basic necessities of pancakes, and a few extras
You will need:
-2 pans (size doesn't matter)
-Pancake mix (fresh or powdered)(I used powdered)
-Club Soda
-Whisk or fork
-Nonstick spray or grease

Step 2: Start your stoves! Move your arms!

Picture of Start your stoves! Move your arms!
First what you have to do is put a pan on each of the burners on your stove, say medium high heat. After, put your pancake mix into a bowl for your desired amount. Now what you have to do is substitute the liquid in the mix with club soda: it takes the same, but the carbonation gives it more air= more fluff!

Step 3: Fry 'em up!

Picture of Fry 'em up!
Start by greasing each of your pans with some cooking spray or a little bit of oil. Then pour on some pancake mix. If you are using different sized pans, use the smaller pan. Check every now and then until it is to how you want your pancake to be.

Step 4: Turn

Picture of Turn
Once it's ready, you hold the other pan on top of the pan with the pancake, and you turn it over, like a waffle maker at hotels. If you have done it right, the pancake will be flipped over and it will be on the other pan. Return the pan with the pancake onto the heat to continue cooking.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
Now just flip that pancake to a plate and eat! Check out how thick this one is:
jmessick6 years ago
Or there's this new invention called "the spatula"....
Scubabubba6 years ago
I am going to flip it your way the very next time I make pancakes! I'll try the club soda the time after that. S'beautiful.