Picture of Perfectly Plausible Pomegranate Protectors
I have a pomegranate tree that gives me lots of wonderful fruit...if the squirrels don't eat them all. In past years, the squirrel population as skyrocketed, and they destroy many oranges, pomegranates, and sunflowers. I have tried various methods, researched for even more effective protective solutions, but none really seemed to be plausible. I decided to try something that I have thought about, and that is to make a "cage" out of rabbit wire, for each pomegranate. I plan on making a couple of dozen wire enclosures. If I can salvage 24 pomegranates, it will have been worth it! Hence this instructable.
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Step 1: The Damage Done

Picture of The Damage Done
The squirrels thoroughly damage/eat the pomegranates. If left on the tree, the birds come in and eat what is left. So...

Step 2: Cut Wire Mesh To Size

Picture of Cut Wire Mesh To Size
I had some rabbit wire on hand, so just cut a piece large enough to encircle one pomegranate. By manipulating the wire with my hands, I was able to construct a rough cage.

Step 3: Use Light Wire To Join Cage at the Edges

Picture of Use Light Wire To Join Cage at the Edges
Just cut small lengths of light wire, or mechanic's wire, and twist to secure.

Step 4: Place Wire Cage Around Fruit

Picture of Place Wire Cage Around Fruit
Surround the fruit with the wire, and mold it closed with your hands. Use wire as in previous step to close cage around fruit.

Step 5: Wait and see If It Works

Picture of Wait and see If It Works
My pomegrantes are left on the tree until the second week of November. At that point, the sugars are at their maximum, and the flavor is optimal. At this time, I harvest the pomegranates and make juice from them. That juice is very nutritional, and, very expensive. I freeze what I don't use now, and also make a few batches of pomegranate jelley. That will be the subject of another instructable. Watch for it in November.