Introduction: Perfectly Organized Clothes in Drawers

When storing folded clothes in a cupboard with shelves, it's good and handy to just stack them. When storing them in drawers it is totally inefficient. You never see all the shirts you have and are forced to search through the piles (see picture 2).

I came up with the perfect solution: fold your clothes into very small, compact package and put them horizontally!

Step 1: Fold Your Tops

  • Lay your top on a plain surface
  • First fold in the straps, then the sides
  • Fold the top in half, then in half again (this might depend a bit on the top's length)
  • Done!

Step 2: Fold Your T-shirts

  • Lay your top on a plain surface
  • Fold the sides
  • Fold the t-shirt in half, then in half again (this might depend a bit on the shirt's length as well)
  • Done!

Step 3: Arranging Horizontally

  • Arrange your tops and shirts horizontally.

You can do this with jeans, pullovers and long sleeve shirts as well. I have enough of them, so they keep each other in a nice row. As soon as you have worn some of them, the "row" might get a bit flimsy, just rearrange them to the left or right of the drawer.

You can even arrange them by color, as I do (I am a bit fanatic with this issue, even my books are arranged by color...). I have the feeling that it looks nicer and it's easy to find the perfect shirt to a certain pair of jeans, cardigan or shoes.


Vyger made it! (author)2014-02-05

This has been one of my least popular instructables but probably one that you will appreciate. My daughter is very organized, its a talent I miss having around.

Vyger made it! (author)Vyger2014-02-05

Looks like the link does not work, Must be a new editing bug

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