Introduction: Perforated Grilling Foil

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I love to Grill. I also like to use foil for small things, but I also like the interaction of the drippings and the flame.

The answer.. Use perforated aluminum foil...

I believe this is available commercially, but it is very easy to make it your self.

Step 1: Get a Sheet of Foil

Picture of Get a Sheet of Foil

Step 2: Fold It Several Times

Picture of Fold It Several Times

Step 3: Use a Hole Punch to Perforate It

Picture of Use a Hole Punch to Perforate It

Step 4: Spray With Cooking Oil

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Unfold the sheet, Spray with cooking oil... Throw away when done..


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-16

Very simple and I imagine effective. Thanks for sharing!

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