This tutorial explains a technique for using 123D Catch to get an easy 3D scan of your your favorite ceramic Vase then 'grow' twigs out of it to create a 3D model and render. Once you have the scan or "catch" the tutorial will take you through a technique to clean it up and manipulate it ready for rendering.

You will need:

-A ceramic Vase (I chose one by Zena Verda Pesta)
-iPhone or iPad
-123D Catch from the app store (free here)
-A Computer
-Meshmixer computer program (download for free here)
-Keyshot  (Trial Version here
-Photoshop (for optional image enhancements, trial available here)

Step 1: Preparing for the Catch

There are two approaches to the catch, with an iPhone iPad or with a digital camera & computer. In my experience I have found the iPhone iPad method to be the fastest & most reliable so that is the method I will explain  If you would like to know the other method (which is actually very similar) visit: http://www.123dapp.com/catch/learn

For the iPhone/iPad approach download the (free) 123D Catch app from the app store 123D Catch App. Then create an account & log in.

Place your vase* on a wooden table top, the reason is that 123D Catch needs reference points to create the 3D model and the grain of wood works well, newspaper can also work. The lighting should be as evenly lit as possible and you should have enough room to move around the vases taking pictures.

*If the vase you want to catch is glass or metallic try covering it in masking tape for a better result.
Nice project. I like the end result. That said... If you used a 35mm camera and the PC version of catch, you would have captured the plant better (if that was your intent). You could also try using a camera flash. That sometimes performs miracles.
With my experience 123D Catch hates flashes. It's suggested that you don't use them.
I know... but I found things sometimes improve when you do... I think it comes down to ambient lighting and distance from subject. From a few feet, it usually adds a nice fill which I found improves the model. If you do this, you'd probably want to shoot them all with flash and from a distance.
Thanks I'll use flashes I guess.
Great Project ! <br>I think that 3D catch and Meshmixer makes a wonderful couple <br> <br>like the result.

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