Perfume is a thoughtful and classic gift. It's even more thoughtful when it's a custom fragrance blend poured into a locket necklace. It's also versatile - you can wear just the perfume, just the necklace, or both. There are so many pretty lockets available - this one is new and made from brass, but you could also use a vintage locket. I've experimented with a lot of recipes and developed this one that is smooth and creamy but stays solid at body temperatures. It also solves the "I love this locket but I just don't know what I would put in it" problem!

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

- a locket - new or vintage will work, and a larger locket will be easier to fill
- beeswax - pastilles or granulated is best, otherwise be ready to grate some off of a block
- petroleum jelly
- essential oils and/or cosmetic grade fragrance oil (be careful to read the label as candle fragrances can irritate your skin)
- an eye dropper for fragrance
- a few measuring spoons
- a toothpick or something similar for stirring
- a small metal container to melt things in
- a candle warmer or double boiler
- heat proof glove or tongs to handle the heated metal
- a small tin or other container (optional) for any extra perfume

If you're making this for yourself you can choose whatever you want for fragrance. I used Amyris (about 8 drops), which is related to pine but doesn't smell like a cleaning product. My locket does smell nicely like walking through a forest when I wear my it.

If you're making it for someone else and unsure about the what oils to use, a good place to start is with a classic floral like lilac, then adding a hint of a citrus or spicy note. You can also find a lot of pre-mixed oil blends if you don't feel like experimenting. If you come up with a blend you love WRITE IT DOWN - including the number of drops of each oil - so you can easily make it again in the future!
Wow! Very interesting!! ;)
<p>I like the idea :-) as I am not able to wear perfume directly on my skin due to allergies but this would solve the problem of spraying my clothes :-) which you can only do with high end perfumes never the cheap ones as they leave marks on the clothes :-/ found that out the hard way :-/</p><p>This way I can make something special just for me :-) now that I really like but also the cost of high end perfumes can really hurt the pockets at times :-)</p>
Love your recipe! Btw I got the little lockets - minus the chains - at amazon for a few dollars.
What a very cute idea!! You are amazing!! These would be great for Tweens!! You are a jewelry genius!! :)
Great idea and well documented. Thank you. Guess you can also do similar with lip balm with or without and gentle essential oil like chamomile.
My problem is that i dont have that kind of necklace :(
This is a brilliant idea : )
Oh I love this. I can not do it now, but I sure do want to in the near future! Thank you for the idea/instructions.
Thanks! I hope you get to try it soon!
Very clever, Thanks for sharing. Perfect gift idea!<br>Sunshiine
Thank you!
such a great idea.. however i have a question. cant we add few sprays of our own perfume? because essential oils are not present in my country.
Thank you! Many perfumes contain alcohol, and I don't have any specific science to back me up but alcohol and melting wax sounds potentially dangerous. I would think that if you sprayed the perfume onto the wax and left it alone for a few minutes until the alcohol evaporated off (the perfume dried) that it would be safe.<br><br>You could also consider using flavorings or even make your own extract (Kiteman posted this instructable on the topic: https://www.instructables.com/id/Be-a-Romantic-Scientist%3A-Distill-your-own-perfume-/) <br><br>Let me know if it works out!
What a wonderful perfume sachet instructable! <br><br>How did you fill the locket? With an eye dropper? <br><br>
Thanks! I really should have addressed that more clearly - I just picked up my little metal cup and poured from it!

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