Picture of Perfume Filled Locket (with Customizable Perfume Recipe!)
Perfume is a thoughtful and classic gift. It's even more thoughtful when it's a custom fragrance blend poured into a locket necklace. It's also versatile - you can wear just the perfume, just the necklace, or both. There are so many pretty lockets available - this one is new and made from brass, but you could also use a vintage locket. I've experimented with a lot of recipes and developed this one that is smooth and creamy but stays solid at body temperatures. It also solves the "I love this locket but I just don't know what I would put in it" problem!

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

Picture of Supplies and Equipment
- a locket - new or vintage will work, and a larger locket will be easier to fill
- beeswax - pastilles or granulated is best, otherwise be ready to grate some off of a block
- petroleum jelly
- essential oils and/or cosmetic grade fragrance oil (be careful to read the label as candle fragrances can irritate your skin)
- an eye dropper for fragrance
- a few measuring spoons
- a toothpick or something similar for stirring
- a small metal container to melt things in
- a candle warmer or double boiler
- heat proof glove or tongs to handle the heated metal
- a small tin or other container (optional) for any extra perfume

If you're making this for yourself you can choose whatever you want for fragrance. I used Amyris (about 8 drops), which is related to pine but doesn't smell like a cleaning product. My locket does smell nicely like walking through a forest when I wear my it.

If you're making it for someone else and unsure about the what oils to use, a good place to start is with a classic floral like lilac, then adding a hint of a citrus or spicy note. You can also find a lot of pre-mixed oil blends if you don't feel like experimenting. If you come up with a blend you love WRITE IT DOWN - including the number of drops of each oil - so you can easily make it again in the future!
okiegirl8132 years ago
What a very cute idea!! You are amazing!! These would be great for Tweens!! You are a jewelry genius!! :)
Krismiha2 years ago
Great idea and well documented. Thank you. Guess you can also do similar with lip balm with or without and gentle essential oil like chamomile.
btenriqwez3 years ago
My problem is that i dont have that kind of necklace :(
Neon Panda3 years ago
This is a brilliant idea : )
MsJaxFla3 years ago
Oh I love this. I can not do it now, but I sure do want to in the near future! Thank you for the idea/instructions.
technoplastique (author)  MsJaxFla3 years ago
Thanks! I hope you get to try it soon!
sunshiine3 years ago
Very clever, Thanks for sharing. Perfect gift idea!
technoplastique (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Thank you!
sabu.dawdy3 years ago
such a great idea.. however i have a question. cant we add few sprays of our own perfume? because essential oils are not present in my country.
technoplastique (author)  sabu.dawdy3 years ago
Thank you! Many perfumes contain alcohol, and I don't have any specific science to back me up but alcohol and melting wax sounds potentially dangerous. I would think that if you sprayed the perfume onto the wax and left it alone for a few minutes until the alcohol evaporated off (the perfume dried) that it would be safe.

You could also consider using flavorings or even make your own extract (Kiteman posted this instructable on the topic: http://www.instructables.com/id/Be-a-Romantic-Scientist%3A-Distill-your-own-perfume-/)

Let me know if it works out!
bajablue3 years ago
What a wonderful perfume sachet instructable!

How did you fill the locket? With an eye dropper?

technoplastique (author)  bajablue3 years ago
Thanks! I really should have addressed that more clearly - I just picked up my little metal cup and poured from it!