This toy was an instant favorite from the moment its first loud Bang! and flash of orange flame launched the little black film can up to bounce off our 26 foot ceiling. Uses Perfume as a fuel! This Cannon can shoot for 30 feet straight up!
great instructable!!! 5 stars!!! :-D
use electric lighter
Oh No! Not The Boss Bottled!
I made one using an old boiler piezo igniter my dad got it for me he's a plumber and sed you can't really get them anymore I just used it to shock people till I used it for this
Some people might say that they have seen this before, but then this doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with it. I can safely say thst much of the content is not original, all seen on websites and read in books. It is the design that I believe is what he is trying to show off.
coolest thing! i made one but it was painted silver and shaped like a space gun i shoot peices of paper... big hole!
this is one of the better ones i've seen
went i was youger me and my friend discover that when we put perfum down a nerf gun a fired it made "gun smoke" seems funny now but we thought it was cool when i was 6
Cool! I don't think I've seen one of these before, cool job.
theres 2 on the site one by kipkay and one by cameronss
Been there, done that.<br/><br/>This is about the seventh iteration of the same process, and is nearly identical to two of them, plus the original version on SciToy. Please, use the search functions before posting projects.<br/><br/>(BTW, do you <em>have</em> to post so many videos at once?)<br/>

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