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fabric pergola

Step 1: Mesure Your Free Space

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Actually i can't say anything further because it depends on the free space you have to make this pergola.

Because in cyprus we need to protect from the sun firstly and then from rain this is the reason why i end it with fabric, a kind similar to canvas.

Anw, if anyone wants more info, i am available here, and at my email account,


Step 2:

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this is the only photo i have during the process, cause i didn't know about this app :)

as you can see, i mesure and cut the wood. i screw a piece on the wall and after the round pieces.

I put the upper pieces and then the fabric.

i submit more photos from the finishing. i hope they are helpfull.


ChrisYarrow (author)2014-04-17

I understand why you might think we don't need any more info than your first stage, however seeing your process informs our own builds. Your measurements aren't important here; how you made it is. Thanks

craftclarity (author)2014-04-17

This is really cool! Do you have pictures of how you made it?

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