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Introduction: Periodic Puzzle

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I made this puzzle for a friend who really likes science just like me. The first version did not include the text on the puzzle board (Periodic table of the elements), we did however change this in the final design. We lost some puzzle pieces on the way from the laser cutter to home. Anyways here is the instructable, We made it in a rush and halfway I decided that we should do and instructable so I updated the design, I will update the photos later.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

For this project you'll need:

  • 30x25 cm 3mm birch wood (11.8x9.8 inches)
  • laser cutter (if you don't have one ask a local makerspace)
  • woodglue
  • glue clamps
  • the puzzle laser cut plans

Step 2: Cutting and Glueing

In my design I assigned red as the cutting color and black as the engraving color. So, I recommend you do the same. I also recommend that you use a higher speed or lower power for cutting the board and the puzzle pieces. It will take multiple runs to cut all the way through but your pieces will have less burn marks on them. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about ask someone who is a bit more familiar with the laser cutter to do it for you :)

Upload the .AI file to the printer and cut it. Make sure to collect ALL the puzzle pieces (some might fall through the grid (if you lose some you can always cut more)).

When you're sure you have ALL the pieces put them in an envelope or likewise so you won't lose them (they tend to get lost quickly, i know from experience).

glue the two plates together and clamp them for an hour or two (srry no picture (got to excited and forgot to take it)). make sure you glue the CORRECT side to the board (you'll know by the text).

Step 3: Done!

That's about it. Works great in case you were planning on memorising the periodic table. Put it on a wall, make a storage box for it, play it, have fun with it. If you liked this project or have any questions or suggestions feel free to send me a personal message or just ask me in the chat.

Have fun building.



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    Great way to learn the elements. This would look nice made of ceramic tiles too. I wonder if you could find a way to print on ceramic tiles??????

    6 replies

    with a laser printer, you can print the "image" mirrord, and then iron it on like a transfer, That even works on ceramic tiles, but will rub off with time

    hmm I'm not that familiar with the process ceramic tiles would look really cool and professional though. If I didn't have a lot of other projects on my mind right now: Diy IR sensors, guitar overdrive pedal, and maybe some magnetic stuf and motion tripwire devices. not all at once but there will be some instructables coming soon

    the method is the same used in this artilce from makezine ( to transfer toner...

    sorry, the link broke:

    Does anyone know if you can engrave ceramic tiles. If you can, you could stain the engraved portion and then seal the tile surface again.

    yeah definitely that would be cool. don't know if that's possible with the equipment available to me. I could wax the pieces though that would already look better (thx for replying)