Periodic Table of the Elements Cross Stitch





Introduction: Periodic Table of the Elements Cross Stitch

I had this thought that if you made artwork out of the things you need to learn / memorize in school, maybe it would help by seeing it everyday in your home.  Next up, a painting of the quadratic equation.

I used the Linux program KXStitch to make this pattern. Its a really easy program to use.

It took me a little over a year, (I made some other things in between) and it took almost 10 whole skeins of embroidery floss.  

Each square has the symbol and the name. I wanted to add the atomic number, but I ran out of space. All the elements are there up to Copernicium. I didn't do those UU elements. I had to draw the line somewhere.  :)

I will post another picture when I get it framed. I was just so excited to finish I had to post it now. :)

I hope you like it. 



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Wooowwww, I want this pattern!!! Do you sell it???

It Is wonderful!! I love it!?

Do you have a copy of the pattern?

I love cross stitch and that looks really cool. Do you by any chance have a close up shot of the table? I'm just curious how the individual squares look.

There is only one thing left to do...  make a periodic table quilt.  :P

Anything nerdy done is cross-stitch is automatically awesome!  Good job!

I think it's brillant. For anyone that has a little kid at home this would be a great addition to their homework spot :-).


Thanks! I take that as a really big compliment coming from you. (mr. featured author) :)

Not to mention, Mr Science Teacher...

Awesome, how big is it?

it's about 16" by 8"

it's a lot of tiny long words. :)